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New Custom Tuesday – 3/8/2011

New Custom Tuesday is a weekly, creator submitted list of the latest custom action figures. This list provides a convenient way to check out all the latest custom creations posted in the galleries without having to search each individual thread.  For this week’s customs, read on!This week’s featured customs are Ray’s latest TMNT group!

Granitor, Tubular Transport, Krang and Scumbug - Ray
Granitor, Tubular Transport, Krang and Scumbug - Ray

Ever since the demise of the NECA TMNT line Ray has been creating an amazing group of revamps of classic old TMNT toys in a modern articulated style.

Granitor - Ray

Check out the WIP shots at Ray’s thread by clicking one of the above pics to see the extent of the original sculpt on this monster.  I have to commend any custom of a rocky guy that uses this few parts from the Thing.  The texture on this guy is amazing, it must have been a joy to paint.

Tubular Transport - Ray

I love this little creature.  I don’t remember it from the game, but it looks like one of the classic little annoyances you would often see in a 2-D side-scrolling action game and including something like this is what I would love to see the big companies do more of.

Krang - Ray

Ray refers to this as a quickie, but it you couldn’t tell that from the looks of it.  I love the slimy look he achieved with a combo of paints and sculpt texture.

Scumbug - Ray

More beautiful sculpting here.  Do yourself a favor and check out Ray’s thread for more pics including a bunch of WIP shots and lots more custom goodness.

Here’s the rest of this past week’s customs:

The Ventriloquist - Whiskeytango
Floating-Witches Willow & Tara - Jsebold
Dr. Nemesis - Calbretto
Supreme and Professor Night - AstroJoe62
Spirals - zombie13

Thanks for looking and check back in a week for the next edition of New Custom Tuesday! If you are interested in submitting your customs for inclusion in an upcoming New Custom Tuesday, check out this thread on the Fwoosh forums.

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