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Fwoosh First Look – Action Portable Tomorrow King

Yeah I was one of the nutbags that invested 100 USD on a 1/12 (6 inch) scale action figure. And I have no regrets, the first Action Portable from 3A toys is a Tomorrow King, or better yet one of many colorways which comes with a 1 of 3 colorway severed robot heads.

Once again 3A delivers a whole heap of fun in their follow up to the Nom and Blanc de Plume action figures. I have no idea who this TK is but I’m in love! I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

2 thoughts on “Fwoosh First Look – Action Portable Tomorrow King

  1. I wish I could figures for early review. They seem to be shipping at least according to the ThreeA forums. I’m in Denmark and I don’t know if that means I get my stuff before the US or after.

  2. So are these shipping now or did you get one early for review? I ordered one also, just curious if I should expect it soon or go back to my dark room and wait

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