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Ask Matty – 2/1/11

It is time yet again for the latest round of Ask Matty. Take in the answers and remember: due to Toy Fair 2011, the next Matty edition will not be until March 1. Enjoy!

1. Catra looks GREAT! One question though, since she has a single piece skirt like She-Ra, will your engineers and China vendors PLEASE make sure to make the plastic used for the dress will be more pliable than She-Ra’s so Catra’s leg and waist articulation won’t be so restricted?

Yup! We used a much softer plastic on her based on fan feedback.

2. As a little preview to Toy Fair, can you give us an approximation of how many new figures you will be debuting for the following lines?


At least one wave of DCUC, at least four new MOTUC figures and at least two new GB figures are planned.

3. What was the strategy behind making DCUC series 17 a series of “deputy” lanterns, instead of Corps leaders (like Saint Walker, Larfleeze and Atrocitus)? Fan demand is still extremely high for those characters.

This wave was planned at about the time of Blackest Night 5 and 6 and at that time these character were extremely hot on the fan boards. Also, this was a great way to get some modern versions of main characters out there again.

4. What will be the assortment size for each series of WWE Legends figures going forward? Series 1-4 have had 6 figures, starting with series 5 there are only 4, will that be the new norm?

Yes, beginning with Series 5 there will be four Legends figures per series.

5. Do you have a month set for the MOTUC Swiftwind yet? Since Panthor is coming very early in Q2, does that mean Swifty is on the docket for early summer?

Swiftwind will be the last oversized beast/army builder slot of the year in late fall 2011.

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