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MOTUC Review – Vikor

The first subscription figure of 2010, Vikor arrived last Friday nice and prompt just ahead of the holiday weekend.  I’m going to try and get through this write up without mentioning Conan…Dammit.  Anyway, click through for more pics and thoughts.


Real Name: Vikor

Shortly after King Grayskull’s death, Vikor, a great warrior from the north was chosen by the Goddess to help protect the Sword of He while all of Eternia waited for a true heir to be born. Already a master of the battleaxe, Vikor’s legend soon spread across Eternia as he quested to vanquish evil – battling the remaining renegade Snake Men and defending the Valley of Gnarl from the Fighting Foe Men. Although his time as a He-Man was relatively short, his contribution to the legend will never be forgotten in the great archives of Eternia.

I actually really like this bio, especially the reference to the Fighting Foe Men.  Is it merely a throw away reference to the working title for the Masters of the Universe toy line, or will we be seeing figures of the fighting foe men?  Maybe some more concept art figures are on the way?  I love how they translated this concept art into a figure, so more would be welcome.  It makes for nice variety.  Or better yet, some all new 4 Horsemen designs?  Probably not, but a 4H fan can dream, can’t he?  I also like how it sets up an open ended premise for adventure.


Vikor comes with a remove-able cape, a shield, an axe and a sword.  The sword fits nicely in a hoop on the back of his belt.  I’ve heard this referred to as a sword frog on-line a lot recently.  Whatever you call it, it holds the sword well and looks pretty stylish to boot.  Not to mention it fits the artwork perfectly.  The weapons are cast in a nice solid plastic and aren’t warped or bent.  The detail seems a little sharper than some of the other weapons from this line that are based on the original toy line weapons.


The Four Horsemen have done an exceptional job in translating the original Mark Taylor concept art into the MOTUC style.  The detail from the Mark Taylor drawing is all there, but he looks like he fits in fine with the rest of the line.


Vikor has the standard MOTUC articulation.  You would think the longer loincloth would hinder articulation more than the standard figures, but the plastic they used is pretty flexible so as not to hinder articulation more than usual.

The cloak is made from a really stiff plastic, though the design keeps it from interfering with movement.  Vikor’s hair is pretty stiff and hinders head movement a bit.  It also keeps the cape on and in place pretty well .

The newly designed ankles look quite a bit nicer than the old since they don’t have the peg holes.  I’m happy to say that they are also quite sturdy.


The paint work is also very nice.  I think they have hit on a great combination of colored plastic and spray-on low lights to make for a more realistic flesh tone.  As odd as this sounds, I think Vikor has the nicest skin in the line so far!

I like the gradation on the helmet horns from dark to light.  The paint isn’t perfect on my Vikor as they didn’t quite fill in all the blue section on the helmet.  That’s a pretty minor blemish, though.


Vikor is a solid figure and I’m pleased with how he turned out.  I like how they are expanding the mythos of MOTU with concept characters.  It’s like a tribute to the past at the same time as creating something new.

Vikor also brings in more of the sword and sorcery side of MOTU.  Since that’s one of my favorite aspects, I couldn’t be more pleased.  If I had to pick one nit, he seems a little placid for a barbarian.  I’d love it if they had done an alternate more snarling face, maybe one sans helmet.  I’m all for more display options.

Oh yeah, he also makes for a decent Conan stand-in if that’s your thing.

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