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Marvel Legends Top Ten Poll Results – Winter 2010

When Fwoosh Gods said they wanted to do a Marvel Legends poll, I thought it might be a waste of time.

Not because Hasbro’s 6″ Marvel figure line is more or less dormant. On the contrary, there is a convincing argument to be made that this is a great time for a poll like this–a once in a blue moon chance to weigh in with our choices at the outset of a line. Maybe we could have the smallest influence not only on the character selection, but the overall direction of a line.

After all, we don’t really know what this line be, exactly. A continuation of the previous one? An evolution? A complete reboot? Will they use pre-existing tools or sculpt new figures from the ground up? For character selection, will they focus on A-listers or fan favorites? Characters with current relevance or classic icons from other eras? Getting a taste of fan demand at the start may color how some of those questions get answered. In some small way. Maybe.

So why was I so hesitant? Because I didn’t think anything had changed. Hasbro has only put out a small handful of 6″ Marvel figures since we had our last poll. So why would the results be any different? They wouldn’t..would they? The answer is…yes and no.

Without further ado…here are your Fwoosh Top Ten Most Wanted Marvel Legends.

We begin with the winner of the Build-a-Figure slot.

Lockjaw (22 votes)

No surprise here. The returning champ wins a decisive victory with nearly twice as many votes as the runner up. We don’t actually know if BaFs will be a part of a revamped Marvel Legends line, but if Hasbro is going to hold onto the Marvel license, they really need to find some way to put out a Lockjaw.

10 Rogue (25 votes)

Even in a world dominated by Civil War, the Heroic Age, and Marvel Studios’ several Avengers-related films, mutie lovers still dominate the Marvel fanbase. More than half of our top ten are X-charaters. The real surprise here is Rogue’s entrance onto the list, jumping 20 places up from #30 in our last poll. Two different 6″ Rogue figures have been made, and it’s been a long time since she was among the most demanded. Could it be that fans are just as eager for some much deserved “do-overs” from a new Legends line as they are for first time characters?

8 (tie- 26 votes each)

Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man

Jamie is a perennial fan favorite and moves up two spots from our last poll. You may recall that he was among the dozen or so prototype figures Hasbro displayed at 2009’s Comic Con for fans to choose from for inclusion in last fall’s ML 2-packs. He may not have won, but he’s certainly on the ‘Bro’s radar.


Another X-Lady breaking back into the top ten after a long absence. While Rogue and Storm have both had multiple 6″ versions, there has never been a Storm figure in her “classic” costume and it’s long overdue.

7 Jubilee (29 votes)

I confess I don’t know how Jubilee keeps making it into our top ten. She has fallen four spots from #3, but still has enough demand to handily secure a spot on our list. Are there really that many fans of this character? Is it just because she’s another X-Lady? Whatever you see in her, Hasbro should take note. I think she’s been hanging out in our top ten longer than any other character that’s still never gotten done.

6 The Enchantress (31 votes)

Did you think there might only be X-Characters in this list? Nope. There are a few others. The Enchantress has had a steady following in our poll for quite a while. Along with the Wrecking Crew, Crimson Dynamo, and others, she’s one of those staple villains that fans crave. This has not been lost on Hasbro, and they’ve included a several of those characters in their 4″ Marvel Universe line. Let’s hope when Legends returns these characters will get some 6″ love. (wow. that sounds…nasty. sorry.)

4 (tie-33 votes each)

The Wrecker

Speaking of staple bad guys, the Wrecker pops into our top ten for the first time. I was surprised to see his Crew finishing far behind him though. Interesting.

Captain America [Jim Barnes]

No surprise here. The Winter Soldier shot to the top of many fan wishlists the moment he first appeared in the comics. It stands to reason that those same fans would be foaming at the mouth for the current Captain America. Honestly, whichever direction Hasbro takes Legends in 2012, I can’t imagine this guy not getting made almost immediately. He’s a perfect storm: A-List marquee character, extremely high fan/collector demand, AND a huge media property to stand on. If we don’t have a Bucky Cap by Christmas of 2012, I’ll eat my head. That is, if the world hasn’t ended before that.

3 Polaris (36 votes)

God bless Polaris. Not only did she top our last poll, but she’s placed in the top 3 of every poll since at least 2007. She not going anywhere. Let’s get her done, Hasbro.

2 Ultron (42 votes)

Did Hasbro think making an awesome 4″ Ultron would assuage collector’s desire for a classic 6″ Ultron? Heh. Not likely. In fact, it’s had the opposite effect. Seeing how cool the 4″ figure looks, we want a 6″ one even more (same logic with the Wrecker, I imagine). Consequently he climbed up a notch from our last poll to #2.

1 Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix

It seems only proper that the winner of this poll should be an X-Lady. She placed a close second last time, and has been an unswerving presence in fan wishlists pretty much since the Marvel Legends line debuted. Yes, we have 6″ versions of Jean as Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix. But I think it’s safe to say most of you that voted for her want the Jim Lee designed costume from the 90’s series. I know that iconic costume is one of GrownNerd’s personal, all-time favorite designs.

So what’s the take away?

While there have been subtle changes in collector’s priorities, there are still some characters that have been desired for so long that the yearning will never stop until they’re made. And though you’d like to see some characters that haven’t been done, you also wouldn’t mind some updates for figures that may seem a little out of date, by current industry standards. If there’s a current character that’s truly iconic and likely to be around for some time, you want them as a figure. But for the most part, you’re interested in expanding the ranks of your classic, existing collection. And can we finally bury that old trope that “female action figures don’t sell”? 60% of our list are female figures, with only 3 men and 1 robot. (Yes, Multiple Man only counts as 1)

I think the big headline here (if I was Hasbro or Marvel reading this) is that despite the huge Avengers-centric push of 2009-2012 (event storylines and spin-offs in the comics, big budget feature films, and new animated TV shows and DVDs) the X-Men still rule the roost when it comes to fan following. If they want Legends to take off next year, I recommend not forgetting about Marvel’s mutant citizens.

Gladiator…oh Gladiator, where hast thou gone?  He’s been a mainstay in our poll for years, but this time he fell down to a 6-way tie for 16th place. I guess you guys don’t want him anymore. Poor guy.

13 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Top Ten Poll Results – Winter 2010

  1. I’d only want 4 of those – Storm (FA) – Enchantress – Wrecker – Ultron (classic). Even though the X-Men now suck, once again the X-Fans skew a fan poll so it might as well be for an X-Men Classics line instead of general Marvel Legends. It’s that kind of mindset that forced AoA Sunfire upon us and basically killed any hope for future ML online exclusives.

  2. Ya, I didn’t see the poll either, so I didn’t vote. But if I did, Mad. Hydra,
    Silver Sable, Enchatress, Silver Samuri, Arnin Zola, Lady Bullseye oh, and of course, Yondu?! Who the hell is Yondu!!!

  3. Well I still want to see Bleeding Edge Iron Man, Commander Rogers (or Super soldier) a few modern renditions of characters (Loki, Cable, Wolverine, Cyclops, War Machine, Nova, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Cannonball, Beast, & Thor),Bucky as Cap, X Force Wolverine, Archangel, X-23, Fantomex, Domino, Vanisher, Strong Guy, Caliban, Wolfsbane, Hepzibah, elixir, Any of the Dark Avengers, etc. these guys deserve it because of the fact that they are popular but they won’t have all of these guys for ages but if even half of them get made then I’ll still be happy because most of them have the basic set up on their sculpts

  4. Not much love for the Golden Age!!

    Stan Lee’s THE DESTROYER.
    Simon & Kirby’s THE VISION
    ….to most of these voters, The Golden Age never happened.
    Not much range.!!

  5. I visit the Fwoosh boards several times a day, but never saw anything about a vote! WHen the heack did it happen?

  6. i even wouldn’t mind one of TURNER D.CENTURY.believe it or not.i known not likely but i would like one anyway .not sure why.must be the geek in me!

  7. Great list of characters. Polaris is on the top of my list. Jubilee isn’t on my list — at all. I think her popularity stems from the 90s cartoon. Same thing with Jean Grey in easily her ugliest outfit (what were you thinking Jim Lee?!)

    I didn’t vote (have pretty much given up on Marvel Legends unless the line gets rebooted with better production values), but there are many Marvel characters (probably 100 easily) I’d love to own as 6-inch figures.

  8. i agree with 8 of the ten choices but add to that list MOONDRAGON[classic green costume with cape],HYDRO MAN in black shirt and jeans similar to that incredible SANDMAN they did a few years back,BROTHER OR DOCTOR VOODOO,CAPTAIN MARVEL[MONICA RAMBEAU],MANTIS,JOCASTA,ALCHEMA[oh yeah!!!lady robots!]DAZZLER[80’s blue costume]PSYLOCKE in either her armor or first costume[for those of us who hated when they turned her into an asian slut so 13 year olds could go lock themselves in the bathroom.i’m just sayin.]SHAMAN in his black and white outfit and his daughter TALISMAN. ARNIM ZOLA,ULIK THE TROLL,A WARRIORS 3 3-PACK,ODIN,SIF and my favorite THOR villain MALEKITH THE ACCURSED[love that dark elf!].and as a possible SDCC exclusive AGATHA HARKESS[with her cat EBONY in both cat and panther forms]if they make any of these my collection will feel more complete.i suppose an accurate sized BUILD A FIGURE of the MIDGARD SERPENT is out of the question but one can dream.

  9. I didn’t vote but good results. I have every ML figure only collect 6 inch figs. I enjoy the occasional iron man 6 inch and the toys r us 2 packs. I also used the new Galactus and Walmart gigantic battles for my collection. Keep it coming. Honestly, the fraught has allowed me to start a complete my Mattel DCUC collection. I suspect a return of the 6 inch line with Disney’s purchase of marvel and the movie support. The marvel universe figures don’t do it for me. And my 4 year old and 2 year old nephews truly prefer my 6 inch figures and articulation rather than marvel universe and super hero squad, contrary to what we hear.

  10. Shatterstar got 14 votes. When the -winner- only got 43, I have to say that 14 is pretty impressive for what some people seem to think of as a throwaway ’90s character. I want a Shatterstar so bad.

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