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Scarabus Info Round-up!

Scarabus in 'Demonic' and 'Dormant' forms

The Daily Scarabus Info Blast from the 4 Horsemen has provided quite a few interesting updates in the last few days.  Here’s a quick rundown:

Paint Masters

Scarabus and Variant Paint Masters

The group shots of the different variant paint masters gave me a feel for what these figures would all look like together in the collection.  I was initially going to pick and choose on this figure and his variants, but these look amazing all together like this.

Blister Layout and Extra Faceplates

Scarabus in proposed interior blister packaging

This update showed off all the great stuff coming with Scarabus.  You can see the alternate hands, the flame accessory, the staff with interchangeable head piece, Time Keeper armor and removeable bug arms.  That’s a ton of cool stuff right there.  Plus, they are going to include an as yet unspecified extra face plate/head with the figures where the question mark is on the blister.

Extra heads

They haven’t announced exactly how each figure’s extra faceplate will be packed out or painted.  I’m assuming one extra face/head per figure based on the blisters shown on the blog.  My enthusiasm is only slightly checked by wondering what all this good stuff is going to cost me!  I’ve paid around the 40 dollar range for Figmas that have that much gear, but I’m hoping for a cheaper price on these guys.

Alternate face plate for Silver Scarabus

Alternate Faceplate for Silver Scarabus

Alternate Faceplate for Original Scarabus

Scarabus in 'Demonic' and 'Dormant' forms

Alternate Faceplate for Red Scarabus

'Normal' Scarabus Faceplate for the Red Variant

When we originally saw the Silver and Red Scarabus variants, they had different faces from the original gold.  The Silver version had a more dessicated looking face and the Red version had a more demonic face with extra horns.  The above teasers are making me think that we could get all three versions of the Gold Scarabus face packed in with the original Scary and some nice alternates for Silver and Red.  If so, I think it’s a good move because the ‘Normal’ Scarabus face looks extra cool and red and has me reconsidering buying a variant I thought I might skip!

Time Keeper Armor

Arm your Time Keepers for Battle!

I loved the little Time Keeper figures from SDCC a few years back, so I’m really excited to see that they are adding a little extra value to those figures this many years later!  I mean, who does that?  The 4 Horsemen, that’s who!  There’s ten alternate armor colors and ten Scarabus variants, so I’m assuming that one of these goes with each Scarabus.  I wonder what colors go with what?  I think I need to take out my TKs and see which armor colors go best with which TKs.  Oh, the Time Keepers are still available for purchase over here.

The set of all three is more economical, but you could build an army of one variation if you wanted.  And were rich.


Sitting! Sitting! Holy Crap, a fanex figure that can sit!

They showed the articulation breakdown a while back, but Scary-Shot 19 actually had the figure posing.  I don’t know if this is meaningful to non-fantastic exclusive fanatics, but it is so cool to see one of these awesome 4H figures with crazy armored skirts that can actually move around in them.  The last couple figures from the 7th Kingdom were great, but the only real nitpick I had with them was the articulation was hindered by the design of the skirts.


It looks to me like the longer portions of the skirt are actually connected to the legs rather than the belt of the figure.  

That’s it for now, but I have to say I absolutely love the daily flow of information out the 4H studio lately.  It’s great to see and has amped up my excitement and anticipation for a figure that I had, quite honestly, cooled on somewhat.  Check out for the info straight from the [ahem] horse’s mouth.

5 thoughts on “Scarabus Info Round-up!

  1. damn….they really pack a lot of awesome stuff into this figure!!!!

    indeed…dayraven is VERY excited lol

  2. Scarabous look awesome, the prototype is killer, he reminds to desing to The Guyver done by the Max Factory.

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