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CC27: Nick Cave Toys by Caenman

If you know who Nick Cave is, you are probably a fan; if you do not, then its time you discovered. Legendary singer-song writer, novelist, play-write, poet and movie writer and now what fans have always wanted – toy! Artist, Caen, has hand painted portraits of the dark prince of the love song on traditional toys. The first of many to come are two thumb puppets and a rubber ducky. Nick Cave Thumb Puppets come in colour in iconic brown suit or in classic gray-scale with his infamous moustache. These figures are in very limited release and will be an instant collector’s item.

Not the usual comic book superhero stuff we see here at CustomCon but just as exciting non-the-less. Caen has brought along these fantastic figures, or traditional toys, that are in fact portraits/caricatures of the infamous singer/songwriter Nick Cave. This is not the first works Caen has entered into CustomCon but with this submission he has gone by his artist name rather than customising alias. These figures will be hot property for fans and collectors.

Name: Caenman
Email: [email protected]


Nick Cave Thumb Puppet Colour – Hand painted “thumb puppet”

Nick Cave Thumb Puppet Gray-scale – Hand painted “thumb puppet”

Nick Cave Rubber Ducky – Hand painted rubber ducky