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CC27: Marvel Legends Heroic Age by Raybot

Marvel Legends is back in action with this new series of highly articulated 6″ collectibles. The Avengers assemble in the Heroic Age to fight off the most dangerous threats the world has ever known! Marvel Legends is ecstatic to bring this assortment of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to shelves. Collect Steve Rogers Super Soldier, Bleeding Edge Armor Iron Man, Captain America, Luke Cage, and Mockingbird alongside the rest of the 6″ Marvel Universe to kick Marvel Legends back into high gear.

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Steve Rogers Super Soldier- SHIELD Agent, Faceoff Captain America head, HoM Wolverine forearms, Forge webgear.
Bleeding Edge Iron Man- Iron Man MkV, HML 2-pack Iron Man arms.
Luke Cage- Mattel WWE Animal, hands from Jakks WWE wrestler.
Captain America-HML Daredevil, Taskmaster boots.
Mockingbird- movie Invisible Woman body and hair, 2-pack Invisible Woman head, DCUC Catwoman goggles, DCUC Harley Quinn hands