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CC27: Black and White and Make You Dead All Over by jakey-jake

Color is overrated and you certainly don’t need it to be deadly. Collected here are 8 characters that have made a recent impact on the Marvel Universe without relying on the aid of primary colored spandex; an un-pigmented assemblage of the good, the bad and the ugly. Running the spectrum from hero to villain with “shades of grey” in between this group will continue to keep Spiderman, Daredevil, The X-men, The Thunderbolts, and The Avengers on their toes!

Jake Schroeder (jakey-jake) [email protected]

Figures and recipes:
-Head-Original Sculpt
-Feet- Random Cast
-Rest-Judge Death (Clear Variant) and sculpt

Smiley Robots of “The Right”
-IM1 Movie Iron Monger (both versions) and sculpt

Dr. Nemesis
-Head-ML 2 pack SHIELD Agent
-Rest-DCUC Question

Mr. Negative
-Head-ML6 Ogun base from Wolverine
-Hands-SOTA figure
-Rest-Movie Masters Joker Thug and cast tie

Black Tarantula
-Head-ML Moonknight
-Rest-DCUC Mr. Terrific and Black Manta
Phantom Rider
-Head/Cape-ML Moonknight
-Boots-DCUC Vigilante (modified)
-Gloves-ML Jigsaw
-Belt-ML Longshot and sculpt
-Hat-ML11 Variant Wolvie
-Rest-LCBH Madman and sculpt

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