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First Look – Justice League Unlimited Destroyer Darkseid, Kalibak and Parademons

The Denizens of Apokolips

Bringing our latest round of First Looks to a close are a pair Matty Collector-exclusive two pack, JLU style. The long-demanded Parademons and Kalibak finally make their way into the line, and they decided to bring their god/father/leader, Darkseid with them. We have several pictures to show you, plus a few thoughts on why Kalibak is probably the best JLU figure released to date.

The Denizens of Apokolips

I am a big fan of the long-ended JLU cartoon, and while the toy line is one of those that I keep telling myself I cherry-pick (though it seems like I have almost everybody), if you have been reading these sneak peeks long enough you know, I am a six-inch, super-posable fan. While these figures do no fit into either of those categories, I know great figures when I see them and K-bak and the Parademons more than qualify.

Oh, right, I am a HUGE Fourth World fan too – I cannot get enough figures from Jack Kirby’s masterpiece so FINALLY getting a lil Kalibak to go with my DCUC version is very fun. Unlike most figures in the JLU line, Kalibak and the Parademons are 100% newly-tooled figures; there is absolutely no reuse in either of them. For a little line that just keeps on chugging along, that is a pretty great thing indeed and I know a lot of people have been waiting a long time for these characters, and the wait was worth it.

Kalibaks. That's the plural.

Mattel did them right, they really did. Kalibak is now my most favorite figure from the JLU line and the Parademons are in the top 5. Seriously. THESE are how Mattel needs to handle all Matty-exclusive JLU sets going forward. Give the people the characters they most demand, and do them right, even if it means having fewer figures available online each year. Save the money for great assortments and go all out. I fully expect these sets will be their most successful offerings to date, and a lot of people will be very pleased.

A not-so-proud papa
Darkseid in vanilla and Destroyer flavors

A Parademon two-pack? I mean, this is seriously a dangerous thing for those that are going to need to army-build Darkseid’s mashed-up denizens. I think that is a lot of people. Plus, Kalibak has dead old dad to keep him company in the pack with a Destroyer version of the big man who has lots of newly-tooled pieces.

Parademon wings

I know the history of JLU packs on Matty has been characterized by divisions of collectors for various reasons. However, they most certainly got these sets right and, like I said, Kalibak is the best JLU figure ever for me. These puppies go on sale on Matty Collector on 11/15/10, don’t delay. Kalibak fans and army builders alike are going to be all over these.

Darkseid has an army

*A final HUGE thanks to Toy Guru and the entire Mattel crew for making this latest round of First Looks possible, we alway appreciate it. See everyone again soon!

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