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Ask Matty – 11/1/10

Ready for the latest? We knew you would be. Can’t wait to see that Bow bio…

1. Do you have an exact sale date for the Eternian Guards two-pack yet?

They will be on sale in January. Although developed as a 2010 item, logistics held it up going into production until later then we had originally hoped.

2. Since Winston with the Slime Blower has been moved back, can you tell us what is being worked on to improve the figure? Will the back pack be bigger and thus more movie-accurate?

We’re working on several aspects of the figure to improve him, but we cannot comment until after we receive approval from Sony.

3. When do we get to see MOTUC Bow’s bio and package pictures? Do you have any to share now?

We have not received a package sample yet. Once we do, we will put it up on Facebook.

4. From a planning perspective, do you see a MOTUC Modulok or Multi-Bot being regular monthly figures, or would they fit the large-scale beast SKU more appropriately?

We do have some ideas on how to tackle these figures but we just can’t reveal that yet. Stay tuned. The line has been thought out well in advance!

5. So far, in the TRU DC/MOTU packs, there have only been paint variations, but how about the “green” Trap Jaw from the minicomics? He would have different parts from the original TJ, but all of the parts already exist, would something like the be on the table for the packs?

The 2011 TRU packs will only be repaints. We won’t be making any tooling changes.

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