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Ask Hasbro (GI Joe) – 10/22/10

The latest round of Hasbro Q&A for GI Joe is here!

1) At SDCC, we saw the POC HISS V in classic black as a forthcoming running-change. Have you considered casting the canopy in translucent plastic (instead of opaque) as a running-change as well? If not, could you describe the design choice for making/keeping the canopy opaque?


The HISS is a High Speed Sentry, a fast-attack tank. Although the original 1980’s design featured a clear canopy, the modern design takes a page from the high-tech tanks and armor in service around the world, which use digital imaging software that protect the driver from blasts by encasing him in a thick, armored shell. On the new HISS, the interior of the canopy features HUD projection technology which gives the driver a full view of the battleground – without sacrificing the safety of the pilot.

2) The Pursuit of Cobra line has proved to be quite popular with pegs being cleared out quickly forcing stores to often restock multiple times in a single week. Is there any hope of this line continuing beyond the presently known four waves?

Yes, we do plan on continuing this line.

3) Design question – if a character comes with multiple guns, for example, an uzi and other guns, can you sculpt the hands so they hold all the guns correctly, instead of the uzi pointing down with the slanted grips other guns have?

We will look into the best solutions for this. The inclusion of Swivel Wrist Articulation remedies some of these issues, but we recognize this problem and will work to remedy it in the future.

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