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First Look – DC Universe Classics Validus

Wrapping up our series of First Looks for DC Universe Classics 15 is the Collect and Connect figure, the scourge of the Legion of Superheroes – Validus. Now, while the Big V here is the first LoSH villain we have offered as a preview, as you probably know, obscure villain Tyr is actually coming in DCUC 14. However, you might actually have Validus prior to him due to a delay in 14, but either way, you will have two Legion villains waiting for the release of that massive LoSH box set coming early next year.

Let’s face it, in the annals of comic lore and history, Validus is just one of those guys that [literally] screams evil comic badass. He has a lot going for him in that regard, he is big, purple (often used for villains), has no eyes and an exposed brain. I think that pretty much covers the gruesome bad guy check list. Plus, in the comics, he is a part of the Fatal 5, the most famous Legion adversaries, and to me one of the best parts of the entire LoSH corner of the DCUC. I like several Legion characters quite a bit, but I have alway liked the Fatal Five more.

Ain't he cute?

So, I am very pleased to finally have Validus and he makes for a great gateway into the 30th century. No, it is no secret or any surprise that, while Validus is certainly one of the larger figures in the DCUC line, he is still smaller that most of his usual comic portrayals. Again, we have been there with previous C&C figures and Mattel has explained the reasons for this time and time again, just letting everyone know that if for some reason you were expecting a 20″ Validus figure, he is not that big.

Why, why, do I have such a substantial weak attack point!?!

In fact, he has a lot in common with the DCUC 11 Kilowog figure. They share some parts here and there and they are pretty similarly built, though Validus is slightly taller. He has tubing sculpted into his arms as well as spiky two-toed feet and “grasping” claws for his hands. All of these aspects are handled with appropriate detail to the source material, and his costume/outfit is done mostly with paint detail on the body.

Validus vs Kilowog: The Battle for Most Handsome Alien of the Year

The real treat though is in his head sculpt, it is really dynamic. I know, I know, I have said countless times that I prefer a more stoic and placid expression for my figures, but Validus here is one of those exceptions. Face it, he is the beastly tank of the Fatal Five and part of his engaging quality as a villain is that he is really scary in appearance. I mean, how would you like to come face to knee with a giant purple monster with no eyes and an exposed brain? Yah, you would douse your drawers even he wasn’t screaming at you. But, the figure is and it makes him even better, he has got some nasty teeth.


My favorite part of the whole figure though is the top of his dome and his fully observational brainpan. I am sure I am not unique in that regard, but the whole showing brain thing is certainly the most eye-catching spot on Validus. Here it looks cool too, it is appropriately bright pink with lots of lobes and detail. The clear plastic cover is cool too, I mean, you can’t go fighting teenage superheroes with your mind COMPLETELY exposed, can you?


So, that about does it. From Martian Manhunter to Validus, I have to say that 15 is a very, very pleasing series. I really love the character selection and how so many of them provide a new and unique look to the collection shelf. Validus helps bolster you villain numbers and he will just have to wait patiently for the LoSH 12 pack to come out next spring so he has something to beat up. Oh, and he (and the rest of us) waits on the Emerald Empress and the rest of the Fatal Five as well. Chop, chop, Matty!

*A huge thank you to Toy Guru, Fangirl 2.0 and everyone else at Mattel for help making these First Looks possible – DCUC 15 should be hitting your specialty shops any day now. Hopefully we will be able to bring you First Looks at DCUC 14 Zatanna, Hourman, Tyr and Ultra-Humanite soon, but we haver some Ghostbusters flavor coming to tide you over. Stay with us.

DC Universe Classics Series 15

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2 thoughts on “First Look – DC Universe Classics Validus

  1. The Fatal 5 are definitely my favorite part of the Legion corner of the DCU. Validus is going to get his ass handed to him when that 12 pack shows if they don’t start dropping some other Fatal 5 types in there soon, though.

    I love the last pic of wave 15 with Jack’s staff covering up aggro bats’ face, btw.

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