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Justice League Unlimited – Summer 2010 Single Packs

5 thoughts on “Justice League Unlimited – Summer 2010 Single Packs

  1. I hate the comic inspired figures! They waste a spot that could go to a fan requested in show characters like Johnny Thunder and Thunderblot. Those two would be a treat not this comic barf. Customs of in_show characters are also around and if Mattel actually made more in-show characters, they would be much better than this crappy wave of figures. And if you want to see a figure that has a ridiculously high price range, just look for a Volcana. We should have gotten a Volcana in this wave!

    I don’t see how any fan of this show can be happy with this barf wave other than the fact we got a Red Tornado with the correct colors. There are SO many in-show characters that need to be done before this line is complete, that it’s rather foolish to waste so many spots on comic repainted figures. How can IN-SHOW characters be used up if THEY NEVER MAKE FIGURES OF THEM? And the ones the do use are the same ones over and over again only with some crappy comic repaint.

    If they want to explore more corners just finish the teams they already started. Hell they could make more Legion of Superheroes. There were a TON of them in one JLU episode. Not to mention the rest of the expanded Justice League and Secret Society.

    And the revivals of Batman:TAS and Superman:TAS characters is also unneccesary. They should ONLY make figures of Batman:TAS and Superman:TAS characters who never appeared in the original toyline: like Firefly, Roxy Rocket, The Mad Hatter (revamp), Red Claw, etc…. We are supposed to be getting Grey Ghost which is a character I have been waiting FOREVER to have an action figure of. However, the 3-pack he comes in comes with two barfed up figures that no one really needs. They could have AT LEAST included Red Claw instead of a barfed up Joker with Batman:TAS COLORS NOT THE STYLE (the goes same for that Batman!). Also we got a Batman:TAS accurate Zatanna, so how about releasing that JLU accurate Zatanna with the gray sstocking? Mattel seems to LOVE re-releasing figures, so how about one that makes sence. And for Superman how about we start off with a single release of Volcana. She is one of the most sought after figures and one of the figures in this wave should have been her instead of the f’ing BARF that we got! They could also do Loominus and Lois Lane (she did appear in Justice League).

  2. I love the comic inspired JLU figures! The style of the show is a favorite and it’s also awesome for fans that they can recreate stories and battles in in action figure form. I have always loved the Red/ Blue Superman and it’s awesome to be treated to such!

    Customs of non-show characters have been around since the show began, and the price range can be ridiculously high, so for fans of a DCUA figure line complete with so many characters that may have had a chance to shine had the show continued is a nice touch. It doesn’t mean that they just solely want money, but that the creators of this line want to recognize the many corners of the DCU.

    Furthermore, this line is perfect for exploring said corners because it’s cheaper than DC Classics and probably more popular than Infinite Heroes. The extra additions help keep this line going as only show used characters will run out at some point. It is also of note that a toy line created for an animated series that’s been cancelled years ago is pretty amazing. The fact that there is still such a push behind it even when other stores no longer carry it on top of it being for a cancelled series is fantastic! (Especially when the comic book series was dropped soon after the show was.

    It’s also cool we are getting revivals of Batman TAS and Superman TAS characters!

    I may not want to buy another Superman just for the bottle City of Kandor, especially when there’s no articulation really, but I will because of how cool it is to have an action figure sized prop of the city. Not to mention, that figure could be a child’s first, or simply because adding the many releases of Superman or Batman help carry the line along until more characters are added, and individual retailers of Target, or even Toys ‘R’ Us in Canada may be more likely to pick a wave up if they know that the guaranteed characters outside of adult collectors love will be there.

    It’s a great time to be a JLU fan, toy collector or comic book aficionado as there’s a toy line that means it when they dub it “fan collection”.

  3. No love for Red Tornado? He’s show accurate and deserves to be made in this line because he actually appeared in the show. The others don’t deserve a spot in this line and should be released after ALL of the show characters are made.

    Those “token” Supermans help keep the line going. I would want a Superman even less with some LAME new color scheme. And just because that Captain Atom is a shiny silver that doesn’t make me want to buy it.

    How Owlman was not released? He doen’t deserve to be released in JLU style because he was never in the show. Completeing the expanded Justice League, Secret Society, or any other team that was on the show is more important than completing some team who NEVER appeared in the show. With that being said, WHY has show accurate Zatanna and Volcana not been released?

    OMAC? I don’t even know who or what OMAC is plus he wasn’t in the show AT ALL. And I wouldn’t want to create an army of OMAC or any other figure. I just think that’s a waste of money, but to each his own.

  4. Can’t disagree w/ Emanuel enough!
    Granted, it would be nice if Superman Red or Superman Blue appeared in 3 packs as an alternative to me getting yet another token Superman.
    But I’m loving the silver Captain Atom and the 52 attired Manhunter.
    And OMAC? Hello? We finally get a ‘stormtrooper’ JLU figure! You can create a small army of OMACs! And my favorite is Ultraman! Hurry up with Johnny Quick and Owlman! How Owlman wasn’t released when the Crisis on Two Earths dvd came out I’ll never know.

    Mattel has announced a list of new figures coming out this year and next year that is so exciting it brought me BACK to collecting this toy line!!!

  5. After the Deadshot wave, Martian Manhunter wave, and future Superman wave of JLU figures, we have yet another piss poor wave of JLU Singles (the 4th in a row!) where once again there’s only new figure worth buying; in the Spring it was Deadshot, the wave after that it was Martian Manhunter, in the last wave it was future Superman, and this wave it’s Red Tornado.

    Many fans of the JLU cartoon have been waiting over two years to see this show accurate colored Red Tornado hit the toy shelves at Target, so it’s a long overdue treat to finally see this one get released. I’m VERY happy we’re FINALLY getting him, but where is the show accurate Zatanna and Volcana?

    I’m sorry but repainting figures to make them look like their COMIC counterparts does not make me want to buy another Captain Atom, Martian Manhunter or Superman. Especially if I have the show accurate versions. Couldn’t Mattel have released another show accurate figure like Zatanna or Volcana? A member of expanded Justice League or Secret Society would have been great? The show accurate Zatanna and Volcana figures fits both categories respectively and could have been released instead.

    Why does Mattel keep spewing out the dreaded non-show characters!?! No one wants them except a few loud fans on the AFI boards. There’s no need to relaese OMAC and Ultraman AT ALL because they didn’t appear on the show. Therefore they don’t deserve to be made as figures. There were a lot of other characters who actually appeared in the show that could have been made instead.

    Mattel please make a wave of figures with less non-show or comic accurate characters (again that’s what the DCUC line is for) and more show accurate and/or new to the line characters that acctually appeared in the show. The Aquaman wave was a great one! Make another one like that!

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