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First Look – DC Universe Classics Series 14 Kamandi

You know how you just expect to wait on some things for a very long time? Maybe even to the point that, while you will wait, realistically they may never happen? Yeah, I can tick one of those things off of my list as of right now. Kamandi has arrived. Think about that for just a second – KAMANDI HAS ARRIVED. And he did so before the Great Disaster! For the first time ever in the history of action figures we have a figure of the Last Boy on Earth and one of my favorite creations by my all-time favorite comic creator (Jack Kirby, natch), and even though we have had some months to celebrate and contemplate what it would be like to have a Kamandi figure on our shelves, trust me, the realization of glee will hit hard when you look at him standing on your shelf for the first time.

Holy Crap! We have a Kamandi figure!!!

I could just write a big love letter here. Seriously, like Ted Kord Blue Beetle style. I could say how thrilled I am to finally have this figure, how the Four Horsemen delivered an extremely faithful sculpt and how Mattel got him into an assortment and got him all the way through production with out a flaw (at least on this one), but I think most of that is implied by now. Sure, Kamandi was before my time so I never got to read the original run as it was coming out, but by strange chance I was introduced to that run by a friend’s older brother or cousin or something (I remember the IMPORTANT part here) when I was about 8 years old. I feel luck for that as that run by Kirby inspires so much imagination and wonderment it is unfortunate for any comic fan NOT to discover Kamandi at a young age. Sure, I still appreciate what I did back then and have added many other layers of things that I find amazing in those books now that I am older, but I am so glad I did not miss out on Kamandi when I was a kid.

Which leads me to address the idea of whether you like Kamandi or not. I honestly cannot see how most comic fans can read (just about any of) his runs and not have a fantastic time. The concept of Earth in a Post-Apocalypse where humans and scarce and intelligent anthropomorphic animal races and tribes are fighting for control of the Earth. Now, I know that there was some Planet of the Apes that helped originally develop Kamandi’s concept and world, but PotA only scratches the surface. It is just amazing fun. So, if you don’t like Kamandi, I am going to initially assume it is due to ignorance, in which case, I would implore you do so some reading. If you ARE familiar with Kamandi and don’t like him, well, I am just going to have to think less of you.

Klassic Kirby

As far as the figure itself goes, like I said before, he is very well made. In fact, from and engineering and manufacturing standpoint, the four series 14 figures that I have might just be some of the best made DCUC figures to date. They are solid, made of good plastic with tight joints and great paint. I am very hopeful that this will hold through with all of the production figures but, as you know, in a mass market line there will never be 100% quality control. Your chances look good though. Kamandi also employs a brand new sculpt that is not 100% like anything that we have gotten before as you can see in the comparison. It is very appropriate for him as he is shorter than most and certainly thinner.

Various DCUC Body Types
The Non-New Gods Kirby Krew. OMAC up next!

The Command D here (get it? Command D was the bunker where he was raised by his grandfather, hence, Kamandi. Clever!) also comes with three weapons, a revolver, a sort of pistol and rifle. He also has his requisite collector button and monkey torso of the Ultra-Humanite. Overall, he is going to be a good value figure.

Guns and monkey parts, just another day in the life of Kamandi

So, I am on cloud nine about FINALLY having this figure, and I know I have not been waiting as long as some who read the original issues as they were published. So, if you actually don’t like Kamandi – neener-neener! We have a Kamandi figure!!! If you don’t know about him – do some reading! And if you still aren’t convinced, you have to get him to build your Humanite.

*Now, Mattel. Horsemen. Toy Guru. Bill Benecke. Matty. Fangirl 2.0. All of you. You got Kamandi into this line, and I am very thankful. But you didn’t think I would be satisfied did you? Forever People. Make it HAPPEN. Hell, while you are at it, Tuftan and Dr. Canus too. Bill, don’t think I forgot you mentioned Ben Boxer at SDCC! I want them ALL. I am glad Kamandi Grampy OMAC is due up in series 15, so I am not ALL demands here.

The Last Boy on Earth
Your Seventh Kingdom is going to take on a whole new meaning

Thanks for reading and stay tuned – we have a few more DCUC 14 First Looks in the hopper.

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13 thoughts on “First Look – DC Universe Classics Series 14 Kamandi

  1. Kamandi, The Demon, and the Guardian are a great start.


  2. I too love Kamandi, and it is, in fact, my favorite Jack Kirby comic. So looking forward to having a Kamndi figure, although I did make a pretty cool Minimate of him.

  3. I’m sure Kamamdi is a great character and everything, but cut-offs and combat boots have to be one of the worst costumes ever conceived, unless meant for a gay pride parade.

  4. WOW, VeeBee, you throw out Kirby shout-outs right and left and yet not ONE mention of Granny Goodness, the Female Furies or Morgaine Le Fey. Have we met?

    LOL FANTASTIC review, as always. I really like Kamandi’s leaner arms. Robin actually looks MORE muscular. Kamandi is a a step in the right direction.

  5. Damn you VeeBee!! I never read Kamandi because I was never really into “post-apocalyptic” future world stories that much. But you made it sound really cool, and I am a big fan Kirby and old comics that are fun to read. Now, I feel compelled to check out the back issues, and I also want this damn figure (which I had no plans to pick up until I read this review). Curse you!

  6. As for wave 14, this is my most wanted figure in the wave. Secondly Zatanna and Gold. Hopefully since wave 10 never hit Philly, this wave will and will be plentiful, I would hate to Ebay these figs.

  7. Hi, Erik-

    I don’t think these guys are hitting quite yet, but it should be just about any time so keep you eyes peeled.

  8. Thanks for the review! I’m stoked! Mattel continues to make the best super hero figures ever. Keep these amazing figures coming! Should I be checking my Pittsburgh Walmarts now for this guy?

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