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San Diego Comic Con 2010 Coverage Kick Off – Info You Can Use

Do you smell it? That special kind of nerd stink that is reserved for once a year in the hot, hot sun of July? That’s right, in less than 48 hours, the madness that is the 2010 San Diego Comic Con will commence with the insanity of Preview Night. Are you excited yet? We certainly are! As usual, the Faithful Fwoosh Staff will be trudging through the crowds Wednesday through Sunday to check out all of the coolest new stuff to waste our money on. Aaaaand, we will also be bringing you the coverage, pictures, interviews and commentary that you have come to know – usually after everyone else! Yes, even though it is soooo 2009 we will continue our slothful Brown Lantern tradition.

However, this year we will have enhanced coverage! What does that mean? Well, we will be making live and instant updates from all of the most anticipated action figure panels and from the booths on the convention floor with breaking news, figure and line-up reveals and pictures. But how can we do this? Glad you asked!

You know that little blue navigation bar at the bottom of your screen that so many are so quick to complain about? Well, you will now actually get some use out of it! Here are a couple of pictures to walk you through the process, it is easy, informational and guaranteed to bring you the fastest coverage we have ever provided!

Step One!

See how easy it is? Who loves you, baby? Of course we will still be bringing you our regular coverage, but we will be running lean and mean so get ready for lots and lots of updates. Our Convention Forum will open soon for all of your discussion and questions so it back and get ready for Comic Con 2010!

See you in a couple days!

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