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Domestic-Abuse Bruce – You Don’t Know Dick!

12 thoughts on “Domestic-Abuse Bruce – You Don’t Know Dick!

  1. Thanks, everyone!

    Chris – Here’s the behind-the-scenes story on the creation of the People of Gotham, hosted by Domestic-Abuse Bruce himself! –

    Pearsonic – the mini-beercans can be found in the miniatures section of your local craft store: I found my sets at Michaels. The beer inside them is a bit skunky but they’re still well worth it.

    Look for a NEW episode in July – only on The FWOOSH!

  2. Yeah – where did you score mini beer cans? I know the mini figures are Heroclix……………….

  3. Sooo funny. Loved Dock Ock with all the beer cans and all the Mall kiosk sets.

  4. This is like an AM/PM mini mart but without the oil – “TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF!”

    WolveRobin?! HO HA!

    Bruce at the mall? YEH HA

    Various Background characters deserving of thier own bits? PRICELESS

    Alfred? One word – Striped pants and a moustache…

    My only concern is that we go so much, that how do you follow up to that? I won’t expect this much on the next installements. And oh yeah, there better be more!!!!

  5. Dude, this Domestic-Abuse Bruce adventure is pure win. I love the extra stepts you took making unique civilians.. and the mall cop.

  6. i love the miniature batman on the orange julius stand. remarkable. re-mar-ka-ble!

  7. “Matches”! Man you outdid yourself this time. However that kid strikes a shocking resemblance to someone….can’t quite put my finger on it though.

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