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Review – Masters of the Universe Classics Trap Jaw

When reviewing a toy it’s always nice to be fair and unbiased, and to take into account the cons as well as the pros.

Well, I would if I could but Trap Jaw is THE GREATEST TOY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.

When the universe implodes the next universe created from the destruction of this one will be forged out of Trap Jaw toys. There will be a new bible written about him, the first line being “Let there be swappable arms.”

There. Fair and Balanced. I’m like Fox News. But sexier. Foxy news.

Where to start with Trap Jaw? Let’s work head down. Just like the original, Trap Jaw is perfectly capable of sliding down some rope (ropenotincluded) somewhere due to the loop on his helmet. His eyes are pinpricks of whacked out hate swimming in malignant yellow bile. And the best part is his movable jaw–just like the original, but even better, because instead of a blank black wall behind his jaw, you get a mashed up representation of his old jaw. Hard. Core.

Now, on to his arm, which has been upgraded with articulation everywhere: jointed at the shoulder, swivel at the bicep, joint at the elbow…he now can get into all the poses we wanted him to get into as a kid but couldn’t because Communism stated that 5 points were good enough. Communism hated kids. And THAT is why He-Man kneed Gorbachev in the giblets in that MOTU special “He-Man Vacations at the Kremlin.”

He comes with his three standard attachments: claw, hook and gun. The claw has a single articulation point which means open close open close open close as much as you’d like, and doubles as a type of George Foreman grill on eternia. Trap Jaw makes the leanest burgers around. Everything has an extra sparkle due to a bit of metallic paint sprinkled here and there. The attachments pop into place firmly and remove easily.

The rest of the body is the perfect upgraded retro-stylings with perky detail that the line has delivered so far. With the addition of Trap’s legs (already making an appearance on Optikk in a few months) we can already see the future, and it has multiple faces.

If there is a con, I’d have liked the attachments to attach more securely to Trap’s belt. They barely hang on as they are now, and fall off pretty easily.

Now, for the little bit of extra they like to toss in now and again…not content to just give us Trap Jaw, we also got an entirely different head and arm, so we could build Kronis, Trap Jaw’s pre-deformed persona. With a swap and a swap (both head and arm fit snugly so there’s no chance of either falling off during play. Yes, play. With “pew pew” sound effects and everything.), it’s a brand new figure.

Kronis has a suitably pissed expression, and along with his now-matching arms, Kronis would be a pretty cool looking figure on it’s own. He’s no Trap Jaw, but it’s got a cool look, like a surprisingly good opening band right before the main attraction.


8 thoughts on “Review – Masters of the Universe Classics Trap Jaw

  1. GREAT review. You can tell when the Four Horsemen LOVE working on certain toys. Trap Jaw is a perfect example of this. FLAWLESSS figure!

  2. Great figure, but definitely not better than MP-04 Optimus Prime. I could probably name 20 better figures.

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