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Hasbro Marvel Legends Ares Series Review

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ares Series Ares featured

This is the, as of the time of this posting, the last review of Marvel Legends  in single packs with a theme like build a figure, as Marvel Legends is no longer released in themed waves. Currently Marvel Legends are being released as 2 packs and if you haven’t seen the Black Widow that was shown at Toy Fair 2010 then head over to the fwoosh coverage and look at them, her.

This review was, uninspired. As I was reviewing these figures, it hit me that the majority of figures were repaints or re-releases and my inspiration for reviewing as such, went flat. That’s not to say that there aren’t gems in the wave, there are, but the wave is primarily repaints/re-releases.

Maybe a fitting end to a format.


The BAF. One of the best smaller sized BAF’s, standing about 7-8 inches tall, Ares is a ton of fun. This version is based off Frank Cho’s New Avengers look rather than the classic Greek look Ares. But who cares? The Cho Ares is all kinds of cool. Removeable helmet, big ass sword, big ass knife and costuming that kinda makes no sense and all the sense in the world.

This is a solid sculpt, great proportions and the head sculpt is beautiful. Hasbro gone and done good with Ares.

The articulation works well with the figure, ankles, double knees, a true thigh swivel with ball jointed hips, thank you Hasbro! I was worried about the ab joint, being the Hasbro ball and socket but it works wonderfully. Ares is packed with the elbro, and they were generous enough to include a bicep swivel, making me all kinds of happy.

The paint is maybe above par Hasbro fare, nothing perfect, but good stuff.

I love this figure and it is one of my favorite toys.


I have to thank Phineas Curmudgeon as he managed to pick this figure up for me. As many of you know this was a long drawn out purchase for me. I picked up bits and pieces of this wave from trades and evilbay, an ordeal combined with my recent completion of the Foom wave that taught me to order complete sets from now on. The individual cost and shipping of these figures is insane. Yet my ineffectiveness in getting this wave earns me a right to stay on as a brown lantern.

I like this figure. Thought I wouldn’t but I do. I never got the Hulking figure that provides Crossbones with his base sculpt, but having gotten both Crossbones and Hulking at the same time I can see that this base figure is quite a bit of fun. It is an old Toy Biz sculpt that works well. New hands, head and of course a sweet vest. I’m a fan of the vest. Quite a bit. It’s cool.

And the head. Nice head. Well sculpted.

Crossbones needs to be posed with the Hydra figures from the Brood wave (yeah I have a few, who doesn’t?) and breaking Batman’s back. Sorry fighting Captain America.

Human Torch – Flame on!

Uhm. Have I reviewed this base figure before? Ah yes, Daredevil in the Nemesis wave. And I think this figure was covered to death as it appears in the new 2 packs. And in the FF Ronan wave. So what can I say about this figure that hasn’t been said?

It’s clear. Clear figures are cool. Just like Jolly Rancher Vision.

In all seriousness I’m extactic we have a flame version of the Torch, I’m not a fan of the half human half flame flame on version that we got in the Ronan wave and 2 packs. Gimme all human or all flame. With this version I can play with him flying around making fwoosh sounds.

Human Torch – Super Nova

Uhm… even cooler cause it’s got little white lines painted on it. And I can pretend he’s gone super nova on someone’s ass.

Iron Man – Heroes Reborn

Coolness. Just coolness. Totally cool.

Traditional ab joint, not ball and socket. Double knees, thigh swivel ball and socket joints. The elbros are there and we lose the bicep swivel but it isn’t a great loss. The figure still looks great and can pose well.

Hasbro seems to have an issue with Iron Man in 6 inch form, he always comes out about 6 inches tall, which is a bit on the small side for a dude in an iron suit. This one is a little taller. If you look at him compared to Union Jack he’s a smidge taller. Skinny as hell but a bit taller.

Not much paint on this figure, but it’s good hand candy, poses well and is very well sculpted. It’s a toss up between Ares and Iron Man for the best figure of the wave.


Re-release. From the Fantastic Four classics wave. A Toy Biz figure. You know, you remember those figures? Side to side ankles, double knees, thigh swivels, ball hips, waist swivel.

Ok I’ll stop.

Truth is, this isn’t a great figure, yeah it has all the Toy Biz articulation but it isn’t that great of a sculpt. Yes it looks like Kang, but it’s always lacked “pop” to me. Take the Iron Man from this wave, while a little small, has plenty of pop. You look at it and go wow. Kang I go “meh”.

Spider-man – Ben Riley

Uhm… Silver Surfer base painted in the Ben Riley Spidey suite. Arm bands, spidey hands and head. Spidey is always fun, but yeah, it’s another Spidey.

Vision – Hasbro Version

Small head… Silver Surfer base, again. Have I covered this base in previous reviews? Hold on. Kinda. Red Hulk wave Silver Savage. Good. Not much to add. Cool cape, small head.

Right I like this Vision better than that Toy Biz version that we got (reference the Jolly Rancher Vision below). The Silver Surfer base figure is fuller and I like it quite a bit for Vision. But the head on this figure has a great undersized sculpt. I wish the head was a wee bigger as I think it would knock this rendition out of the ball park. I think that the cape is better than the previous Toy Biz offering.

War Machine – Ultimates

Repaint Ultimates Iron Man, Blob wave. One leg is significantly shorter than the other. He stand at an ankle and his hard to pose. His helmet is glued on. I’m not a fan of this armor, the sculpt is spot on, but the overall execution isn’t great. It’s the leg thing, the whole can’t stand straight.


Ok. The Quicksilver base has shown itself once more. We know I hate it. Moving on too…


Guardian, leader of Alpha Flight. Partner to Sasquatch and Puck. Guardian is an essential character for the Marvel Universe and lays proudly in a box with the rest of my ML X-men. I’m happy that we finally have Alpha Flight’s best and most confusing leader.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion this wave is a lot of rehashing. But it is well done, Hasbro has solid manufacturing and the figures are fun to play with. Ares and Crossbones are bunches of fun and the rest fill out or replace some holes or much needed re-do’s on the ML shelves. A definte pabs seal of approval.

7 thoughts on “Hasbro Marvel Legends Ares Series Review

  1. Spider-man hands are way too small and the boots paint job is wrong. The boots doesn’t end in a straight line. they are rounded at the top.
    I love Ares, but the paint job of the scull in his chest is an eye sore.
    Love the torches. Guardian (hate that scuerish body but…) looks awesome with Sasquatch on my shelf; I wish the release the rest of the Alpha Flight Team. Iron Man Sweeeet. I removed the helmet of the Ultimate War Machine to find the same head of the Ultimate Iron Man but brown. Love Crossbones. It is a smart rehash of the Hulkling with a cool vest on top.

  2. It was sad that the last 2 waves of Marvel Legends basically had 2 new sculpts in each.

    This Wal-mart wave, the BAF: Ares and the HR Iron Man
    The Target wave, the BAF: Red Hulk and Spiral.

    That’s it.

    Sure, there was body re-use since ML1, but by this time is was way too much, certainly for someone like me who is looking for original sculpts, and does not care for any 2 characters sharing the same body unless they are identical twins.

    But at least the new pieces were good. Spiral is an all-time fave ML and The HR Iron man is a fine fine piece. They had actually gotten pretty good near the end.

  3. Actually it’s nice to see Marvel Legends reviewed when we’re being deluged with those crappy “these don’t fit well with my DC Universe Classics” Marvel Universe “figures”.

  4. Nice review. But…these came out well over a year ago. Right? Brown Lanterns indeed. 😀

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