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Fwoosh DC Universe March Madness Coming Soon!

Hey there fellow DC Universe fans!

Haven’t you always wanted to see your favorite figures from the DC Universe battle it out mano a mano to see who is the greatest DC figure of all time (well at least up to this point)?!

No? Well too bad because we do. Ha!

Get set because starting this weekend, Fwoosh will jump into it’s own version of March Madness with a tournament to see who the very best Mattel DC figure is. The best part is – you get to decide who wins each and every match-up with your votes! We have it all lined out and the opening round match-ups and brackets have been chosen at random and the Madness begins this Saturday.

Have eight (yes, EIGHT!) different regions with 16 characters each; if you can do the math, that is 128 figures battling for the top of the heap in arguably the greatest DC action figure collection of all time. Region winners will advance to the next site, and so on (just like that other March Madness) until a winner is crowned! We will visit all kind of DC locales on our way to the championship match-up, so this is not to be missed!

Keep your eyes peeled for the start of the tournament and get ready to cast your votes! DC+Fwoosh+Brackets certainly equals March MADNESS!!!

Stay Tuned!

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