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Toy Fair 2010 – Mattel WWE

Neil Freidman, President of Mattel Brands, Donna Goldsmith, COO of WWE, and Triple H were on hand to rollout Mattel’s latest WWE product and Toy Fair.

Here’s what they want you know about it:

*Detail/Authenticy – For the Elite and Entrance Great series, each wrestler went through a digital body imaging to create absolutely authentic sculpts and scale.

For those of us used to comic book action figures, where figures in the same line are rarely more than 1/8″ different in height, it is striking to see figures of such varying heights and body shape all in the same line (for example, Rey Mysterio next to the Big Show).  However, it is an accurate representation of real world scale and makes for a dynamic line.

*Marketing to Kids – While the Elite and Entrance Greats are aimed squarely at collectors, the other WWE lines are kid focused.  Indeed Freidman said that this was the “first time there has been WWE action figures marketed to kids.”  I’m not sure how accurate that is, but they certainly have tried to make the basic lines more kid-friendly with “Flex Force” action (spring loaded arms, legs, and torsos for replicating wrestling moves) and lots of accessories.

*New product every month for 2010 – Mattel promised new WWE product to hit every month throughout the year.  So if there are any wrestling completists out there, I hope you have a good annuity.


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