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Fwoosh Week In Review – 1/18/10

Weeks are coming and going too quickly. Somebody slow them down.

So in the Microverse:

That new 4 inch Venom apparently still sucks. No knees. Because every body knows toys don’t need knees.
Not even Knock kneed Knees are needed. Peter picked a peck of knocked kneed knees while kneading nine
Knees in kneadatite. WHAT? Ok. You know what’s dumb? Lack of knees. *slaps hand* don’t do that. BAD HASBRO! BAD BAD HASBRO!

The microverse has been stuck in a hazy “what do we want what are we going to get what do we need” mode
with the slight pause between waves. Lots of looking ahead. Some looking back. Well, a lot of looking
back, as well. Ruminations on toybiz both 5 and 6 inches have popped up, along with headshaking. Plenty of
headshaking. Plenty of dizziness because of that. Also, people want results to the top ten votes. Because
it totally makes a difference as to what we get. Or does it? I don’t even know anymore. Turner D. Century!
Ambush Bug! Harlan Ellison!

The Multiverse:

Toys are frickin’ expensive nowadays. 14.97 is the new store price for DCUC. Which is making a lot of
people give up and stop collecting. Oratleastuntiltheyseethenewfiguresandthentheygottahaveit!

In wishlist wrap-up, so far we need Jimmy Olsen, Batman Beyond figures, Superman in lighter blue, some
Martian guy, Flash’s Rogues Gallery a fat Deadman and according to the wave 14 speculation thread every
other figure every made. And that Martian guy. So they tell me. And by they I mean the voices in my head.

I can’t believe people have series 12 (!!) already. Some even have them all! I haven’t even worn off the new toy smell on series 11. *sniffs Steppenwolf* Oh yeah baby…that’s the good stuff.

Oh well, not like I want them to slow down or anything. As long as Matty sells 12 online. I’m cool with it.

Darkseid’s still too big.

Thanos also.

I win.

Anyway…In the Expanded Universe:

Adora sold out in less than a half hour. Even with the massive frontbutt debates raging all across
wherever those debates raged. Here and there. Battle Armor He-Man took much longer to sell out. Next month
is Trap Jaw and Battle Cat. People are already camped in front of their computers waiting to pounce for
them. I still don’t know if it’s the 15th or 16th. I have a month to find out. There’s still time!

Adding whores to the Tiger woods, (which is the updated version of “fuel to the fire” that I just made up
and will never use again) Fwoosh got a first look at the sexy Trap Jaw. Retro perfection. And retro is the winning word here. Updated retro. Retro retro retro. (Neener to pabs. Neener I says!).

Optikk will be the first New Adventures of He-man figure. And a cool looking figure he is. He’s got a big eye and is all robotic and is quite nifty. Welcome addition to the MotU universe.

In the Bar With No Name:

When the world is a vast apocalyptic wasteland where we have to battle animals to survive, apparently
GrownNerd is going to wreak bloody havoc on wildlife, providing they’re exactly his weight. And Long road
won’t tolerate any crap from bears trying to start a little sum’n sum’n. Or however that’s spelled since I
only ever hear it spoken…

You’re all food.

And future animal poop.

Panther10 has water in his ear. FILM AT 11!!!

In Comic Relief:

Kitty Pryde is coming back, probably to have any character development stripped away. Such is how it is.
Siege is out, yet another of Marvel’s big events. Apparently Marvel was sad they didn’t have a Lex Luthor
and have tried to turn Norman Osborn into him. And now they’re invading Asgard. I have no idea.

in Trade Feedback:


+1 for you all.

Every last one of you.

The end.

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