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First Look – Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Green Arrow

After a bit if a break we are back with our next look at some new Mattel DC product – Green Arrow from the brand new (old school) line of Retro-Action DC Super Heroes. Now, I have to admit, I did not own any Mego action figures as child, heck, I wasn’t even alive in the 1970s but – I think this line (this figure, at least) is going to surprise a lot of people. This is the real deal and while Mattel has been recreating the classic toy days of the 1980s, their turn toward the preceding ten years looks like it is going to be another success.

I want to get this out there first – it is obvious that Mattel is not trying to make this new Retro-Action line follow the same modus operandi as their DC Universe Classics: Retro-Action is not to Mego what DCUC is to Super Powers. What I mean is, DCUC has taken the spirit of Super Powers and has updated (and in most cases, improved) all of the aspects of sculpt, articulation, character selection, etc. into the premier DC action figure line. What you get from Retro-Action though is not a feeling of one-upsmanship, but a continuation of what was. Toy Guru mentioned that the point of this line was to be as if the old Mego line never ended and had continued down the same path all the way to today. Well, I have to tell you that they have certainly succeeded in that aspect.

From the throw-back style packaging, to the sculpting to the costume, this line really harkens back to the last time this planet saw a significant cross-over of great DC and Marvel lines. I think the card is really cool and all of the different aspects join together very well for a great effect. The art is certainly a more simple, yet very eye-catching character design and I really dig the character bubbles on the front. They yellow of the card is that “harvest gold” that so many ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators were modeled in and even they even put some “distressing” on there just to seal the deal. I am pretty sure that packaging Wiz Frank Varela had at least one hand in this and so I continue to send him props for keeling Mattel packaging cutting edge.

Green Arrow Profile

Onward to the figure, most of the sculpt happens on the head as the rest of Ollie is covered by his cloth costume. I have to say that it is really loyal to the overall feel of the original Megos. I know Toy Guru said that Dr. Mego and crew are working on this line so if this head sculpt is one of his, you know that the homework has been done. It is cast in soft plastic so it is somewhat squishy and it has all of the detail you would expect a figure representing this era would have. That is to say, the concern here is not have an insane amount of detail with every care line and whisker put in place, but to have an accurately styled sculpt that would fit right in the original stuff. Now, don’t mistake me, that sculpt is very, very nice but it certainly follows a certain style. Oh, and the hands are sculpted as well and can hold the bow – no more oven mitts!

The cloth costume is very well put together too, this is a spandex-clad superhero actually wearing spandex! The leggings body suit, nude suit arms and neck clasp all come together well and the stitching between the color changes is nice and tight, but also even. I am not a fan of cloth on 99.9% of my action figures but for this line it is essential and I am glad they did a nice job with the construction. There is different material used for shoulders, a faux suede if you will, as well as the gauntlets, the latter in a green faux leather.

Spandex Costume
Costume Clasp

The actual figure itself surprised me a bit in a couple of different ways. First, I thought for sure this figure would have a touch of marionette syndrome and would not be able to stand well on its own. I was very wrong about this, fortunately, and he stands with little to no effort. He also poses very well and his limbs and core are held together with and elastic band so there is a lot of flexibility. Which brings me to my second surprise in that the body construction is very much a tribute to the old Mego body. It is well built and has just the right amount of detail to it to show through the costume, but not look like a modern day ripped monster, that would not keep the feel of the original style.

Sexytime Ollie!
Oliver Queen got a little too comfortable being the only guy on a deserted island...

Finally, the accessories include Ollie’s requisite hat, bow (with boxing glove arrow) and quiver/belt. All of these walked right out of the 1970s for sure. The hat especially and the belt stuck me as so. I like the shape of the feather in the hat and it fits perfectly on Ollie’s noggin. The sculpting on the bow is fine (as is the boxing glove arrow) but it is held back by the fact that the arrow must be attached to the bow. I should also mention that it looks like it is positioned so that Ollie would fire left-handed. I might be looking at it wrong, but that seems different from what I am used to.

Stuck a feather in his hat...
Quiver/Belt Combo
"G" Belt

Overall, I am very pleasantly surprised by this figure. I do not have a lot of sentimental attachments to Megos (I do own the Fantastic Four) but I have always appreciated them, but I have been won over. I am excited to see the first wave of these (exclusive to Toys R Us) and what the future holds. One thing that I REALLY hope they do is go after some of those “unlikely” characters for the line. I want a Deadshot, an Ambush Bug, Guy Gardener, Dr. Fate and, of course, Blue Beetle. If you missed out on Green Arrow I suggest you pick up one of the series one figures to give the line a chance, you just might dig them. If nothing else, they are certainly retro-chic so you you can look cool for all of your friends.

Green Arrows

*Thanks so much for reading and thanks to Toy Guru for sending along Green Arrow, we sure appreciate it. Stay tuned tomorrow for our final First Look for this round!

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  1. Nice review. Just one small correction. These figures are not Toys R Us exclusive. On line retailers like Enchanted Toy Chest have them available as well. Thanks for all your hard work doing such great reviews.

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