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Ask Matty – 1/15/10

Well, Matty is back from his winter holiday break to answer all of your latest queries! Take it away-

1. Do you have a more accurate time frame for when fans can expect the second series of Public Enemies figures? Lots of people are getting itchy to complete Brimstone.

The second wave has already been shipped to retailers.

2. Will Toy Guru still have some involvement in the DCUC, MOTUC and GB lines next year even though he is moving over to Green Lantern? One of the things that has been so nice about these lines is the consistency they have, some are nervous that might change going into next year.

Yes! While Toy Guru will be focusing on the Green Lantern movie line for the next year he will continue to manage MOTUC (its kinda been his pet project and he refused to let that go!) and he will act as an advisor on DCU and GB brands, especially in terms of fan relations and character selection. Maniac Mike Wilde will be taking over day-to-day management, but he sits right next to Scott and they work very close together.

3. With DCUC series twelve already trickling out, what series will make it out in 2010? Through series 15? 16? Beyond?

There will ideally be five waves of seven figures in 2010 and the numbering will continue.

4. Will the DCUC Fan Choice vote continue again this year? It has been great having a say in a figure that gets produced.

We are still working on that – but we hope so.

5. Now that the MOTUC Zodak and Goddess figures have sold out in quick form, can you say with certainty now that the Bonus Figure program will continue into 2010?

The bonus figures were actually less of a “bonus” and intended more as our own “insurance” that at least one new figure would be available each month for subscribers. Faker was scheduled to be the first “bonus” figure, but since Mer-Man ran late, Faker needed to move into a monthly slot. We will have 3-4 additional figures (beyond the 12 monthly figures) in 2010 which will ship as “bonus” figures once per quarter if all of the main monthly figures run on time. If any monthly figures slip schedule, the “bonus” figure will be moved into that slot to make sure at least one new figure is available for subscribers or those buying that month. Going forward, all of the additional backup (or “bonus”) figures will be updates to A-List characters such as Battle Armor He-Man in Jan.

Thanks, Matty!

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