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CC24: Marvel Cannon Fodder by Caenman

Marvel Cannon Fodder.jpg

Marvel Cannon Fodder. 5″ action figures for the frontline forces of the Marvel Universe. Following on from the Canman series of Marvel henchmen comes the pawns that will get hit first. Figures include – Kree soldier, Skrull and A S.H.I.E.L.D Life Model Decoy (LDM for short) of DumDum Duncan.


After the Success of Caenman Customs’ “Marvel Henchmen” series we saw last CustomCon, Caenman has followed up with a second wave entitled “Cannon Fodder”. Three fantastic figures that have been in the Marvel Univers for so long and make a fantastic addition to any 5″ figure collection.

Name: Caenman

email: [email protected]



Kree – Modified Magneto head (spark action) on Pyro body less the flame-thrower cables.

Skrull – Super-Skrull head on Magneto’s body (spark action).

LMD DumDum Duncan – Cable repaint.

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