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CC24: The Underground Wave 9 by Johnny_B

Soon to become an online graphic novel, the toy line based on the graphic novel is here! The Underground is about a group of rebels who fight for freedom on the Island of Libertaz, in the Caribbean.
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Alex is one of the first members of the Underground. After she was tortured by the government of Libertaz, she has become a hardened soldier, and she only wants one thing: General Zero’s head.



New costume update.



new costume update

Bubba Hayter

bubba hayter.jpg

Bubba Hayter is the brother of Billy Bob Hayter. Like Billy Bob, Bubba is a redneck. Unlike Billy Bob, he is actually professional when he is on the battlefield. He works for the Libertaz government.



Rebound was once known as Primoris, the first Super Soldier to ever live. She was brainwashed into becoming an assassin, but when she broke out of the programming, she decided to take down her ex-owners.


Natasha wetsuit.jpg

New costume