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CC24: The Dark Avengers by Levit05

8 thoughts on “CC24: The Dark Avengers by Levit05

  1. Yo dude. you do great work and i want to make my own dark avengers. cause they are my fave team but i have alot of questions really. . So if i could pick your ear sometime id be much obliged.

  2. Really good group entry. And dare I say that the Ms. Marvel woman (don’t know the Dark Avengers name for her) is sexy looking!

  3. wow man, these are amazing! each character is hand crafted to the T. the paint work is out standing and that is probably the nicest sentry i’ve ever seen. you’ve gave us some real eye candy with these levit!

  4. You have yet to disappoint with those Ares figures, man. This is just insanely awesome on the same level as Fugazi’s Punch-Out!! entry.

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