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CC24: Superpowers Wave 2 by jmaxwell522


This series continues to grow with more Golden Age superheroes originally published by companies including Fox Comics, Crestwood Publications and Nedor Comics, many of whom are in the public domain. Now jumping from the pages of the spectacular Alex Ross series Project: Superpowers, these Golden Age heroes in 3D form for the first time.
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The Flame:


The child who would become the Flame was born to a Western missionary working in China. When a tidal wave threatened the region, the missionary placed his infant son in a basket, which rode out the wave, but washed the child many miles away. Washed into a hidden land, he was found by Buddhist priests, his miraculous survival saw them proclaim him the new High Grand Lama. They raised him, teaching him the secrets of the Lamas, and he grew into a perfect physical specimen, but when explorers came to the land, it was decided he should return to his own people. Before he departed, the Lamas endowed him with their greatest mystic secret, the power over flame, which he was always to use for good and against evil. In the outer world, he became the Flame, carrying out a relentless war against crime and evil.

The Fighting Yank:


In 1776 Bruce Carter was a soldier in George Washington’s army. Entrusted with delivering vital dispatches, Carter was ambushed and slain en route by British agents. Because he had failed in his mission, Carter’s soul could not rest, and his ghost was condemned to wander whenever his country needed him. In 1941, Bruce Carter III, the spitting image of the first Bruce Carter, was visited by the ghost, and directed to find his cloak in the family home’s attic. Donning it, Bruce III discovered he had superhuman strength, and became the heroic Fighting Yank. His ancestor would often manifest to lend him a hand.

Name: jmaxwell522
Email address: [email protected]

The Flame:
Body: DCUC Red Tornado
Head: ML FA Captain America
Cape: Fodder

Fighting Yank.:
Head: DCD Shazam
Body: DCD Benes Superman
Hat: Pirates of the Caribbean Figure