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Ask Matty – 12/16/9

mattel_logoMatty and Toy Guru are back with the last round of answers for the year – check them out!

1. Regarding Princess of Power in the MOTUC line, we know you have said you have a commitment to PoP characters and while everyone is gearing up for Adora in January and She-Ra later in 2010, that really only represents on character from that mythos so far. Can we expect a full commitment and perhaps another PoP character in 2010? The line needs some ladies!

We will get to more POP characters in time, but we can’t comment on any unannounced figures right now.

2. Since the Matty Collector DCUC 2-Packs are going away after the Justice in the Jungle set, any chance of getting a monthly DC figure like the MOTUC scheme?

We are looking into ways of brining more DCUC figures to but are not ready to announce anything quite yet.

3. How has the Gotham City 5-Pack performed at retail? Well enough that we can expect to see future DC five packs?

It has done very well but we are not ready to comment on any 2010 product quite yet.

4. Classic Aquaman and Deathstroke remain two of the hardest to find DCUC figures out there, are we going to see either of these as “Best of” figures in future DCUC assortments?

Both would be great candidates but we can’t comment on any future figures quite yet.

5. If you were to release Keldor as a stand alone figure in the MOTUC would you think he would be best suited as a monthly figure or a bonus figure?

He really could work for both! You’ll just have to wait and see…

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