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Fwoosh First Look! – DC Universe Classics Series 11

WeaponXII swoops in with thoughts and pictures of DCUC11!

Cyborg Superman– Turns out we’re all wrong about the legs, they fixed them! No more wide stance for this cyborg. The 4H gave him 4 unique rings and the cape is nice and flexible. Other than that he’s your standard above average repaint.

Shark– He might end up as everyone’s least favorite from this wave, but he really stands out among the other villains. The nice metallic paints really pop when you get him on the shelf next to everyone else. The headsculpt is beautiful, but it hinders the neck movement slightly. All in all I predict he’ll end up as a sleeper favorite, much like Killer Moth.

Deadman– DisTunder’s review is awesome, go read it, lol-

The Question– I was worried that he might end up the same height as the movie masters figures, most were worried that he’d end up using the old Clark Kent/ Two-Face base, but to my relief he’s neither. He’s entirely new, great detail all around, the gloves, the fedora, the collar/tie, and even the back of the coat got detailing. Many call him bland and boring, only because they’re ignorant to the awesome character that is the Question, and the 4H captured him perfectly. This buck should see a lot of reuse.

Katma Tui– Sadly she’s my stinker of the wave, probably because i had such high expectations for her. The arms are really skinny. They’re the smallest female we’ve got so far. Mine has crazy eyes and she suffers from the wave 9 neck syndrome. Overall she feels extremely fragile. The constructs are awesome though!

John Stewart– If you know me at all, you know I’m a GL junkie and this wave is full of GL goodness. John Stewart is awesome, simple as that. The headsculpt is perfect. Seriously just look at that bad boy. The fist and gun construct only add to his awesomeness. I knew he’d be one of my favorites from this wave, and he doesn’t disappoint one bit. None of the GLs in the wave come with power batteries(lanterns), but the constructs more than make up for that.

Steppenwolf– I know, I know, people are sick and tired of the New Gods/ 4th World, but hear me out. This is probably the best DCUC figure yet. Tons and tons of detailing, the skirt doesn’t restrict the hips at all, Kirby would be proud to have this guy sitting on his desk with the rest of the 4H New Gods. The cape is a bit on the stiff side, but easily overlooked. The only thing that may knock him down a few points are the rubbery weapons.

C&C Kilowog– Last but nowhere near least is the Collect and Connect figure Kilowog. Hands down my favorite C&C yet. I love him. LOVE HIM! The lack of thigh cuts bothers me a little more than i expected it would, but once you have him in hand you’ll forget all about that looking into his big red dreamy eyes. Seriously if you have the DCD Wog, you’ll be kicking yourself forever if you don’t build this guy. He’s that damn good.

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