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Masters of the Universe Classics Teela Update

Mattel has posted some info on Teela to answer questions following some of the reviews of samples that went out earlier in the week. Some reviews have noted that the Staff of Ka comes horribly warped – this clarifies that the staff is intended to be curvey.

VeeBee told me that he’ll be reviewing Teela pretty soon, hopefully today.

For more pics of Teela and Masters of the Universe Classics, see: San Diego Comic-Con Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Pics (more of them!)

Masters of the Universe Classics Teela with Zoar
Masters of the Universe Classics Teela with Zoar

Some clarity on Teela

Hey He-Fans,

Since a few fan sites are doing reviews of Teela, I wanted to point out a few details on this awesome fig!

First off, she goes on sale Oct 15th, only on (along with bonus figure Zodak on the same day!)

Teela comes with the following:

  • Zoar (original colors)
  • Alt head with snake armor
  • Staff of Ka
  • Sword
  • Shield

The staff is supposed to be curvey at the bottom. This is not warping caused by the pack out. The Horsemen sculpted the staff after the original cross sell art which had a curvey staff!

Also, a lot of fans are asking about Zoar’s armor and pertch. We do have plans for both in the future in all the necessary colors. Stay tuned!

See ya in the aisles,


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