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DC Universe Classics Wave 12 Press Pics

Mattel has sent us press pics of DC Universe Classics Wave 12 with a reminder that the Masters of the Universe Classics Webstor has just gone on sale today. These images first appeared in Toyfare magazine. It seems like Spectre will have glow in the dark skin on the regular figure, and not as a variant, but I’ll ask to make sure.

Normally I would optimize colors on these pictures, but as there’s been some question as to what Iron will look like, I’ve not modified these pics at all.

Attached are images of DCUC Wave 12 figures for immediate publication. These are images of the original sculpts. Actual product may vary.

Copperhead (648x1200).jpgDr Midnight (657x1200).jpgEclipso (724x1200).jpgDessad (817x1200).jpgIron (798x1200).jpgSpectre (798x1200).jpgDarkseid C_C figure (876x1200).jpgMary Batson (634x1200).jpg

  • Spectre (with glow in the dark skin variant)
  • Eclipso
  • Dr Mid-Nite
  • Iron (with real metal parts!)
  • Copperhead
  • Mary Marvel (with white chase version, image not available)
  • Desaad
  • Collect and Connect Darkseid

Wave 12 will ship in Spring of 2010.

Also, MOTUC Webstor goes on sale today on at 12:00 noon. Images attached.

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3 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 12 Press Pics

  1. PLEASE tell me there is an alternate blue glove that comes with Darkseid. If not, I will stick with my DCSH Darkseid.

  2. Yep, just keep showing those press photos like they matter.

    Chances are, none of us will ever see these things.

    Wave 9 was horribly “underproduced,” Mattel has hiked the wholsale price on DCUC another 30% (seriously Matty, oil AIN’T that much), and has anyone even seen wave 8?

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