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Ask Matty – 9/1/9

mattel_logoWe begin our ninth month of the year with many DCUC fans finding series 9 on shelves! If you are still searching, Toy Guru is back to tide you over with his latest round of answers to your questions!

1. DCUC Series 9 is starting to hit retailers and it has been reported that Black Canary does not have the standard DCUC side to side hip movement- why was this choice made? She is a fighter so being able to poser her in kicking positions is pretty important.

In order to create the amazing fish net stockings we had to remove some of the articulation.

2. Also regarding DCUC 9- classic Mantis’ cape is PERFECT in terms of flexibility, can we please have that material for ALL capes/cloaks/skirts going forward?

We’ll pass this suggestion along!

3. Since there has been some trouble with the flocking on the MOTUC Moss Man figure do plan on showing us some pictures soon of what the final deco will look like for the figure?

Once we have determined the final direction, we will share images with fans right away. Thank you to all the fans who chimed in on this figure!

4. Was the DCUC 10 Joker’s pop-gun accessory dropped from the final figure? The packaged pictures make it look like it is not in the final package.

The Pop Gun came with Harley. But Joker is still fully loaded with a laughing fish, cane, mallet and card deck.

5. Is the blue light effect on the Ghostbusters Classic Winston’s trap removable so that the trap can close?

Yes, the light effect is removable and the trap closes. It can also fit right into the containment unit that comes with Walter Peck!

*Thanks again, Toy Guru, we always appreciate the answers. We will have more of the scoop for you in the middle of the month!

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