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The Fwoosh Challenge Big Reveal: Marvel Cosmic Characters

Welcome to the second edition of the Fwoosh Custom Challenge! We didn’t have as big a turn out as the first Challenge, but you know what? That’s okay. Still some great submissions. We’re going to have some big ones, some small ones, some in-between. We’ll keep running them as long as there is interest.

On to the pictures? I think so…

Korvus by jswalenLilandra_by_Rabid_Ewokgroot by svpromspaceknight by robwsilver surfer by weaponxiistarlord by chibi
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9 thoughts on “The Fwoosh Challenge Big Reveal: Marvel Cosmic Characters

  1. Chibi, seriously isn’t that starlord taking up too much room. Let me have him to free up space for you.

  2. Starlord looks great! I’d actually buy a 3.75″ Marvel U. figure if they could make something that good. Or Thanos 😛

  3. Fantastic work, everyone. Starlord was one of the characters I was contemplating and it’s nice to see someone do such a beautiful rendition of the character.

  4. Great Stuff! I can’t wait to see the upcoming Kirby challenge results!

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