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Secret Identities – Maximoff

I  ask  Fwooshmembers questions.

They answer them.

Maximoff- “Funfunfun”

Where do you live?
Central Indiana area. On a farm. Very reminiscent of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I don’t go outside at night.

Where do you work?

I do not work. I am a bum. AKA College Student. I make some money here and there but I don’t have a place of employment.

Who is in you family?

I gots a mom and dad and brother. A lot of my family is scattered across the land. Texas, California, Pennsylvania, lots of places.

What is your brother’s name?

Brandon. He lives out in California. Actually like about 10 minutes away from Mattel headquarters. And no, I haven’t been able to get him to go steal things for me.

What is your brother doing right now?

Making satellites or some weird thing like that. I don’t know what he does.

Any pets?

2 miniature Dachshunds. Really my mom’s dogs. They’re a pain in the behind but can be cute. Then we have 3 cats that live in our barn. And we have strays that come and go. What I really want is a pig. I mean come on..,I live on a farm.

Do you utilize game playing as a time filler in your life?

Yeah pretty much. We have a great team of guys on Fwoosh here for all your videogame needs. We all just enjoy playing. There’s definitely a core group of us, but we love having new people to play games with. The game we play the most is Halo because we all have it. There are a lot of other games we play though. And we are always on the lookout for new games we can all play together. If you need someone to play videogames with, FwooshTeam is who you go to. We even have our own thread in the Multiplex. It is full of shenanigans.

How many hours do you spend gaming?

Depends really. Can vary from like an hour to all night depending on the day. Hard to come up with set hours since I don’t even play every day.

Which game is your favorite?

Would have to say Halo since it is what I play the most. I will always love Mario games though.

What is it like playing on the fwooshteam?

It is the greatest time any individual could ever have. It can be awkward at first for newcomers as we can move rather fast and are quite vulgar, but you just have to stick it out and you’ll make it through okay…wait…are we still talking about videogames?

Are there other teams that compete against you?

You can play online against other people. You just get randomly paired up against others. We’re too casual when it comes to playing to do any of those super hard competitions. We kind of have lives outside of videogames. You have to spend everyday and night of your life nonstop playing to be “pro”. We would like to not be complete losers in life. Just semi-losers.

Who is the weakest member of the team, the person who drags the group?

Definitely Sneaking Box. Boy the kid is terrible. I would advise never playing with him.

What are your future plans?

I don’t like to look too far ahead. I’m more of a see what happens kinda person. I’m taking it easy for awhile. After switching majors it added a couple years to my college life. Not a bad thing really. Not quite ready for the real world yet.

Do you customize?

Yes I do. Not as often as I would like though. I probably only squeeze out 2 or 3 customs a year. I have a hard time completing any. Lots of unfinished projects lying about. I start working on one thing then get an idea for something else and that first thing I was doing never gets finished. Only way I get any customs done is to have a solid deadline.

What is in your collection?

Mostly Marvel Legends as that is what I started collecting heavily. But a lot of other lines have been added. DCUC being the main focus right now. I also have some SOTA Street Fighter, Riddick, Hellboy, McF Halo, NECA TMNT, Toybiz LCBH, MOTUC, some cult movie figures like the Crow, Nightmare Before Christmas, and I sprinkle in some figures from my childhood like an old Optimus Prime and some big X-Men TAS figures. I have a lot of bins full of figures in the garage from when I was a kid. Batman TAS, TMNT, Power Rangers, Street Sharks. I’ve had a collector compulsion since I was little. Even then I wanted to complete full lines.

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

I don’t vacation too often. Last vacation I was on was to SDCC last summer. That was a blast. The epitome of geekiness right there. I don’t really have anyplace I’d like to go vacation currently. I’m waiting on civilian passes to the moon though.

What other sites do you visit?

I have the college necessity facebook. I’ll pop onto TNI for a quick toy news look. I used to belong to other forums like TNI and but their forums kind of died out. At least don’t move as fast as Fwoosh does. Also hit up for my Halo needs.

Do you cook?

Select things. Like spaghetti and cake. You know, the essentials. I live on Skyline. Midwest/Cincinnati thing. Delicious.

Do you know Spazzcakes?

My girlfriend posts on the forums under SpazzCakes. We’re not as famous as Cannonball and Cannongirl but we’re one of the fwoosh couples. She is the super awesome person I am currently involved with. And if I brought her onto the Fwoosh you know I’m keeping her.

I love the name “Spazzcakes”.

Haha yeah well it stems from the many variations of it that I call her. Spazzums, Spazzbutt, etc.

I didn’t know Spazzcakes is your girl friend. Is there any room in that relationship for me? I could send her Cosmo quizzes and then maybe I could make sure you are busy the day of your surprise party… stuff like that. Don’t just say “no”, think about it for a while.

Haha I don’t believe there is room, I’ll keep you posted though.

Does Spazzcakes read comics and collect figures and play super violent video games?

Yeah she is a Harley Quinn nut. Likes a lot of other characters too, like Hulk and Iron Man. I got her into reading Secret Invasion. She also loves playing Left 4 Dead and Halo. She’s pretty much perfect.

You made a spazz cake for Spazzcakes complemented by a custom of her. I would like to know how you made that cake with all the different colors inside?

Oh it’s pretty easy. You make up some white cake batter and then separate equal parts into some Ziploc bags. However many color you’re doing. Like I did 5 colors I think so I had 5 Ziploc bags with cake batter in them. Mix in food coloring and you randomly spread it out in a pan. As long as you don’t stir or anything the colors stay separate. It’s really fun.

What are you in college for?

I get hassled for it all the time because it’s considered “gay” but…interior design. Doesn’t bother me. I was an art major before that and you get the same stereotype. And of course there’s nothing wrong with being gay. I’m perfectly comfortable in my classes and I enjoy it.

Why did you switch majors half way through college?

I wasn’t really feeling the whole art major thing. I really didn’t know what to go into when I first started college. Wasn’t interested in much so I just kind of settled on art. What I’m in now is a much better fit. And there are better job opportunities. Being an artist doesn’t sound great to me. I like the creative aspect of art but interior design has that too.

Who are some of the people you met at school?

Well in my interior design classes its just girls. So all the new friends I’ve made this pass year are female. I’ve made some interesting friends. Only a few other people from my high school class went to my college so I had to make a lot of new friends. College is also where I started dating just comic book chicks. And I gotta tell you, I am glad I finally found a sane one. First couple were looney tunes. So be careful out there if you’re looking for a nerd girlfriend.

What year do you plan on graduating?

It’s looking like 2012. Funfunfun

If you had to hire someone to kill someone would you want to make it look like an accident or would you want to send a message?

I think I’d like to keep it looking like an accident. What good is a message if you’re locked up?

What do you spend your money?

Mostly toys. That’s the largest chunk of my money. But if I weren’t going broke because of buying toys then I wouldn’t be fwoosher.

What is wrong with you?

A bit OCD. Have a general dislike for most people. I’m an @$$ and enjoy the hell out of it. I’m a connoisseur of the arts. Self proclaimed Vicar of Wales. Suspicious of an impending bear attack. And I’m really bad about replying to PM’s.


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