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At The Movies with SCB – Harry Potter: THBP and (500) Days of Summer

We have another double feature this week. First we’re going to cover the popular Harry Potter franchise with the sixth film: The Half-Blood Prince then head into the unknown and cover an undiscovered romance in (500) Days of Summer. Let’s get started.

I know what you guys are thinking, is that a wand in his pocket or did he just see the new Harry Potter movie?

As someone who literally watched the six Harry Potter movies in the past four days, this one was my favorite. I haven’t read any of the books, so my knowledge of the stories is purely based on the films.

It’s the darkest of the six, but also the funniest and most romantic. Although, don’t look to laugh out loud or expect much romance. It’s all cleverly put together in one movie. Subtle and effective.

All the bells and whistles are gone and we have a more mature Harry Potter movie exploring Tom Riddles early years at Hogwarts. Just like in every movie, there is a new teacher. This time it’s Riddle’s potion teacher from the past. Harry is asked to get close to him. Meanwhile, Malfoy is suspected of becoming a Death Eater like his father and Snape is suspiciously close to it all.

I think reading the book would have helped in filling in some holes for many of the things, but I still followed it the best I could.

Many of you already know the ending of you know what. It happens. And there’s actually a nice set up for the next one, which I felt all the other movies lacked.

Good movie, it’s not action packed as the others, but told wonderfully to keep you engaged in the story.

Now on to (500) Days of Summer

Story about boy meets girl, but to the movie’s credit it’s not your typical romance story.

It’s a summer romance of 500 days told in little snippets of each day, but out of order and sometimes back-to-back. Each moment is clever and funny and since we only get to see little sequences of them together, it’s kept really fresh.

The beginning of the movie announces that it’s not a love story, but it might be more realistic than it seems.


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