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Review – Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Human Alliance Bumblebee

Hey Trans-Fans, we have a special treat for you today. Fwoosh Faithful Staffer Canonball has written a review to go with some pictures of his newly acquired Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Human Alliance series Bumblebee. Read on for the full scoop straight from the source!

Take it away, Canonball!

The Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Human Alliance series is a concept that is long overdue, and I am very excited to see it come to fruition. The idea is simple – each release features a key character from the movie accompanied by a figure based on one of the key human characters that can interact with the Transformer in both bot mode and vehicle mode. The logical first release in this series is Bumblebee and Sam, arguably the stars of the first movie and who are sure to be key players in this summer’s sequel. This set has just begun to show up at retail, with several more releases planned to round out the series.


The scale is sure to appeal to fans of the popular, and now defunct, Alternators series, which featured popular characters with highly detailed and realistic vehicle modes in 1/24 scale. This Bumblebee does not quite hit all the notes that made the Alternators so remarkable, but when evaluated on its own merits, it is simply awesome, and is a fine addition to any Transformers collection. I’m very happy to finally add this figure to my shelves, and am eagerly awaiting further releases in the Human Alliance series.





*Thanks, canonball!

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