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Masters of the Universe Classics – Faker

It’s March and the Masters of the Universe Classics Faker figure is shipping from Mattel.  Read on for pics and a short review! 

Faker is another MOTU figure I never had as a kid, though I didn’t covet him as much as others like Stratos.  Much like his classic figure counterpart, MOTUC Faker is a repainted He-Man figure with Skeletor armor.

The plastic used for the loincloth on faker seems to be slightly more pliable than the plastic used for He-Man’s, allowing for a greater range of movement and poseability.

The paintjob on my Faker is really well done, which is good since the only thing new about him is paint).  There is a nice wash on the armor that brings out the leather texture detail.  They also added a metallic orange for all the rivets and the bones at the center of the armor.  The Blue on Faker is also really neat.  It’s a really vibrant blue that looks way better in person than in any of the photos I’ve seen.

His sword is also cast in orange plastic with a metallic orange paint on the blade.  I think this is the most plastic looking of the power swords we have seen so far.  The bright orange is a bit too much and is slightly transluscent.  Perhaps a darker wash similar to the armor would have looked better.

Like Skeletor, my Faker came packaged with his head scrunched down on his neck, giving him a slight no-neck look.  After playing with him for a bit you can move the head a little higher on the neck.  I think that adjusting the neck a bit improves his appearance.

Overall, I’m glad I was able to snag a Faker.  He isn’t a favorite character of mine and I had been looking forward to Mer-Man much more, but Faker is still a fine addition to the MOTUC collection.  I wish they had given him Faker versions of He-Man’s axe and shield, but that is not a deal breaker for me.  He looks greatposed fighting with the other MOTUC figures or in a line up on the shelf.



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