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Mattel at NYCC from Facebook

Matty updated his facebook today regarding plans for NYCC. Check out the info and the link to their profile!

NYCC/NYTF updateShare
Today at 3:00am

Hey fans,

Wanted to give an update on what to expect at the upcoming shows in New York next month.

First off, we will be using NYCC as our main collector show this year. In fact, more product will be shown at NYCC than we will have at NYTF the following week. For the record, NYTF is more for the industry, while NYCC is for the fans. While we will have a collector night at NYTF on Feb 15th, it will mostly be the same material we presented at NYCC. So foir the real scoop, make sure to make it out for Comic Con in the big Apple Feb 6th through 8th!

And speaking of which, information about our two fantastic fan panels for NYCC is up on the main site. ( click on news section at the bottom). We will have a seperate fan panel for DC properties in the AM, and a second panel for lines in the afternoon. (and yes, we will reveal DCU items at our first panel and then repeat them along with info about Cars, Masters of the Universe and other surprise lines at our afternoon panel!)

You can look forward to new reveals for DCUC, Infinite Heroes, JLU as well as Movie Masters and Batman Brave and the Bold at our DC Panel. We will also announce what will be happening with the Infinite Heroes AntiMonitor points you have all been collecting all year at the DC panel. The points can be redemed this summer, only at San Diego Comic Con! (and not to worry, fans without the points will have an oppetunity to get a similar item at a minimum cost if you have not been collecting points all year). But the more points you have, the more reward you will get!

See you at the show!


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