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Make My Marvel! – Vanisher



This week’s irritating and pointless intro text zapped away courtesy of the Vanisher.  See!  He’s not that evil, people.

Make My Marvel! – Vanisher

Vanisher is the X-men’s second-oldest enemy, but he’s often overlooked by the likes of Magneto, the Sentinels, Blob, Toad, modern Chris Claremont…. you know, the guys that are actually a threat to the X-Men.  Like Nightcrawler, Vanisher teleports from one place to another via a dark dimension (thanks again, Chuck Austen).  Unlike Nightcrawler, Vanisher can teleport almost any distance and can do so with no risk of re-materializing his junk inside a wall or a baked Alaska.  Yay, evil!

Vanisher’s first un-vanishing took place in Uncanny X-Men #2 wherein he stole United States defense secrets and attempted to blackmail the government for ten million dollars (that was a lot of money back then).  This was also the first of the rare occasions where Professor X actually left his rumpus room to, you know, actually help.  Chuck made Vanisher forget how to use his powers which allowed the X-Men to wail on Vanny’s boney butt.

As in everything comicbook, Vanisher remembered how to vanish again and went about starting and joining several villainous teams and generally not doing very much that mattered for, say, about 40 years.  Vanisher’s single evil act that almost mattered involved him heading a South American MGH cartel.  He was defeated by Stacy-X.  Thusly, I’m sure he would prefer that we not go into that one.  Suffice it to say Maggot must’ve been busy that week.

More recently, Vanisher has had a run-in with the new and improved X-Force wherein he was brutally and quite literally cut to pieces, repaired, and then given an x-shaped brain tumor.  Okay, so there weren’t like umpteen other x-villains that deserved this kind of total kick-assery more than the Pauly Shore of mutants?  C’mon, bu-dee.  All cancer-inflicting appropriateness aside, Vanisher is apparently now an unwilling member of the team for the forseeable future.  What will they inflict upon him next?  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for x-shaped hemerrhoids.

Which version of Vanisher do you most want made for Marvel Legends?


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