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At the Movies with SCB – 1/18/8

review.gifWelcome to the first installment of the newest Fwoosh Column, At the Movies with SCB! This week we’ll be reviewing two very different films, Revolutionary Road and My Bloody Valentine 3D.

First up is last year’s Revolutionary Road, reuniting Titanic’s Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio.










I avoided this one as long as I could, but still wanted to see it "one day". The movie just looked depressing and who wants to look forward to that? Today became that day.

Well going in if you’re ready for that, then see this. This is a good movie that I would not recommend seeing. It is exactly what it looks like, two people fighting the entire movie and being unhappy. Not only that, everyone in this movie universe is unhappy and unlikable.

It’s a big downer that weighs you down, but the performances are great. I don’t think that’s enough of a reason to see this.

Kate Winslet’s two Golden Globes are justified based on seeing this and The Reader, but she was no Merryll Streep in Doubt who will kick your ass with the way she speaks. I hope Streep gets it over her with The Academy. Dicaprio is great and like I said, everyone is. But the movie is very over dramatic and that usually convinces people that the performances are great, much like playing handicap.

Good movie you shouldn’t see, unless you enjoy unhappiness. 

And next up we have this weekend’s opener, My Bloody Valentine 3D










  If it weren’t for the 3D feature, this would have been an automatic skip.

With the 3D, the movie is okay or decent at best. It makes the movie a little more fun and makes you forget how lame the story and characters are. I’ve never really seen a 3D movie in theatres, so I can’t compare it to anything.

There’s not too much to say, so let’s break it up.

The good: 3D gore is awesome. Even without the 3D there’s some pretty good blood, guts, and heart thrown everywhere. There’s one really good nude scene, full frontal, if you’re into that sort of thing. The movie keeps you guessing who the killer is, much better than you’d expect them to. Most of the movie are mini chases from the killer, the best parts really.

The bad: Mindless horror movie and the killer isn’t very imaginative. I’m not sure I liked anyone in the movie by the end, except the killer himself. The chase scenes with the killer are full of cliche escapes and moments of stupidity (killer’s pick axe gets stuck a lot so the victims can live a little longer).

The 3D glasses were like Ray Bans, kind of cool. I’d only recommend this if you’re looking for a mindless 3D slasher film and not much else. Do you need much else for a Bloody Valentine, in 3D?

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