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Make My Marvel! – A-Lister Variants

Transgender Norse gods, tired commentary on the often awful art of Rob Liefeld, a touching tribute to the Wasp and Lou Ferrigno…. all in this week’s MMM!

Make My Marvel! – A-Listers

(Note: This week’s article has nothing to do with half-nekkid Janet Van Dyne-inspired Ultron.  Just a little eyecandy for those too lazy to have porn open in another tab.  That and, uh, it’s in memoriam…. yeah, that’s the ticket.)

Well, this week we received official word that Hasbro finally got the message: no more A-List character re-hashes.  Sure, nobody wants Scuba Spider-man or Loofa-weilding Thor (I think), but we do still want the legitimate variations.  What defines a "legitimate" variation can be relative, but I think we can all agree that it would be any well-known costume/version of a character.  But, it’s not Hasbro’s fault that that’s the message they took away from us as collectors.  While most of us don’t say anything, there’s a very vocal minority that rants about the likes of Red Hulk "taking a spot away" from pure awesomeness (heads-up: sarcasm being heaped here) like Armadillo.  A popular character is popular because a lot of people like him/her.  Duh.  Yes, more people like Wolverine than like 3D Man.  Therefore, there’re good odds that a lot more collectors would like to purchase Fang Wolverine than the Beetle.  So, the message back to Hasbro via this week’s column is: iconic/semi-iconic alternate versions of major characters are figures we would buy, day-glo Slurpee Daredevil?  Not so much.  This week we’re looking at some popular A-lister variations that have yet to see plastic in Marvel Legends.


Yep, Loki now has lady parts.  Brings a whole new level of mishcief to the game, doesn’t it?  Imagine Thor’s about to put an end to one of the (now) Goddess’ of Mischief’s evil schemes.  Thor: "By Odin’s beard, Loki, I will have an end to your fiendish…. I see by the tips of those mighty frost giants that it be cold in here.  Say, how does thou feel about parking under the Rainbow Bridge and seeing if thou are worthy enough to ‘weild’ Mjolnir?"  Scoff if you will, but Bendis WILL stoop that low.  Read more about it in next summer’s one-shot Dark Reign: Epilogue: The Night Thor Wishes He Could Drink Away: a Galactus’ Colonoscopy Quest Prologue.  Hope I didn’t spoil next year’s crossover event for anyone.


I think I’m pretty safe in saying that this one will take the poll.  (I so should have worked that line into the Loki section.  Curses!)  RabbitNeonGenesisEvangiUltron will not suffice for most Legends collectors when looking to own an Ultron figure.  I’m all for artistic re-imagining, but that one deviated too much for the character’s first time out as a modern figure.  If Hasbro doesn’t re-visit Ultron, maybe Marvel Select will make a more classic-friendly figure.  :hint hint:

Jean Grey

Twenty waves in and still no Legends figure of Marvel’s most popular female character in her second most iconic costume to date.  Yes, despite it’s popularity, the costume is godawdul ugly, but for the massive numbers of X-fans that got in the game during the early-to-mid ninties, Jean’s Gold team duds may actually be more recognizable than either of her Pheonix costumes.  This one’s long overdue.

Iron Man

Tony in his post-Armor Wars armor is now the only iconic look from his long history that hasn’t seen a Legend.  I still can’t believe we got a Liefeld-inspired design before this 90’s awesomeness.  :pauses to puke in bucket lined with copies of Heroes Reborn:  Can we at least get this before lop-sided DD-Cap?


The Scarlet Spider costume is officially the only good thing to come out of the Spider-clone saga. :briefly reaches for Heroes Reborn bucket, but manages to choke it back:  Sculpted hoodie only please!


We’ve still yet to have a decent Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in 6" scale.  The X2 figures were (putting it nicely) hideous.  The upcoming Origins lines have yet to include either ML-scale figures or even movie-inspired figures… yet.  The new MS Origins Wolverine is a big step in the right direction, but will likely mean an out-of-scale 7" figure.  In honor of the character’s upcoming fourth movie, Hasbro can waste just one Legends spot on a good version of movie Wolverine to stand on the shelf with the rest of the (good) movie-verse figures.


Next, we’ll look at another live-action-inspired option in Lou Ferrigno’s portrayal of the Hulk from The Incredible Hulk.  After nearly thirty years Ferrigno’s version of the jade giant is still the one to beat despite either of the recent Hulk movies.  Make it a two-pack with Bruce Banner for all those still waiting to complete their The Courtship of Eddie’s Father figure customs.

Captain America

Bucky Barnes finally did what no comicbook sidekick has ever done: take over the mantle of their mentor.  Following Cap’s death, Bucky moved up to the big leagues as the new, pistol-weilding Cap.  Two-pack with Winter Soldier please.


Here’s another character that would look right at home in the same wave as Jim Lee Jean Grey and post-Armor Wars Iron Man (the All-90’s Apology Wave, perhaps?  BAF bucket included).  This version is from the time when Eric Masterson was rocking the beard as Thor.  Like the versions of Iron Man and Spider-man mentioned this week, Eric Masterson Thor represents one of the last true iconic version of an A-lister yet to be made.

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