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Demanded Characters – The Next Blue Beetle

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week we got our first look at the Blue Beetle, aka Ted Kord, in packaging; so I thought it would be a good time to talk about the next Blue Beetle.  

Last week most people thought the write in vote would be the best version of Toyman.  In the poll the Jester was the popular choice, while the Animated version seemed to be the bigger topic of discussion. 

The idea of legacy is important to the DCU.  While the big names like the Flash or Green Lantern seem to get all the attention, some of the other legacy characters don’t get as much attention.  When the Blue Beetle is mentioned it seems most people think of Ted Kord, but there are a few more people that have carried that mantle.  

Dan Garrett-Dan was an archaeologist on a dig in Egypt when he discovered a blue scarab. Dan discovered that the scarab gave him powers when he said the phrase Kaji Dha.  Garrett left Egypt and took a position at a college, which was also the school that Ted Kord attended.  The two teamed up to battle Kord’s uncle.  The battle left Garrett mortally wounded, and though he asked Ted to take on the mantle, he was unable to pass on the scarab.  Dan has been resurrected multiple times in the DCU, most recently in the Booster Gold book. This figure is a simple figure with only minor retooling needed to the general buck use for the Walmart wave.  

Jaime Reyes- When Ted died at the hands of Max Lord, the mantel of the Beetle was left vacant.  The magical scarab was in the Rock of Eternity when it was destroyed by the Spectre, and was found by a high school student named Jaime Reyes.  The young man had to learn how to become a hero during the massive crisis that has fallen over the DCU.  While he may be young, he is still a major player in the DCU.  This figure would be one of the most intricate figures in the DCUC line.  While it may not be a fan favorite, the figure would be at the top of the list as one of the best made.  The body would probably be a Robin reuse of the teen body, but all the armor and details would really set it apart.  

Dark Beetle- This is newest of the Blue Beetles. He is from the future and no one knows much about him, but he seems like a cool new character.  Though his first appearance was to help save Ted Kord, it was later found out that he is actually on the other side. He revealed himself to be an enemy of Jaime to Ted, but has not been seen since. This character is just cool a design.  While he would share some of the same designs of Jaime, he would have to use the adult body, not the teen.  His dark colors and intricate costume would be amazing for the Horsemen to get their hands on.  

Head over to the thread to talk about the figure and decide what version you want next.
Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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