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DC Universe Classics Series 4 Packaged Pictures

Hey gang, Toy Guru has sent along packaged pictures of the upcoming DCUC 4 figures. Check them out!mattel.gif

Hopefully series four will land soon, love that Series Four advertisement. Thans again to Toy Guru for sending these along.


  • Figure 1: Wonder Woman/Artemis
  • Figure 2: Cyborg
  • Figure 3: Captain Atom
  • Figure 4: Batman Beyond
  • Figure 5: Ares 

Captain Atom Gold and Silver will be at a 50/50 ratio, Artemis will be a chase version of Wonder Woman (about the same as maskless Deathstroke). Sonic Blaster Cyborg and Maskless Batman Beyond are KB Toys exclusives, standard (masked) Batman Beyond picture is currently not available. 

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