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Official Fwoosh Top Ten – Summer 2008

Fresh on the heels of the 2008 San Diego Comic Con comes the Summer 2008 Official Fwoosh Top Tens! Mattel and Hasbro had an incredible showings, giving us looks at all of the product coming our way under the DC Universe Classics and Marvel Legends banners for the rest of the year and into 2009. Since we know who is coming our way for the next few months there is lots of time to speculate about what later series in 2009 and beyond will bring us! So…

This is the time to make your voices heard by the toy companies. This is where the Fwoosh community comes together and tells them what we want in the Top Ten Madness! PLEASE READ THE RULES CLOSELY AS WE ARE DOING THIS A LITTLE DIFFERENT THIS TIME!

The Rules

1. You may vote once in each of the Top Ten votes. You must be a registered member of the Fwoosh to vote.

2. This is a vote for the 10 Marvel and DC characters you want to be made into action figures. This is an all encompassing vote, not limited to any assortment or release type. Just list the 10 characters you want made the most, and let Mattel and Hasbro decide where to put them.

We also include a vote for the top Build-A-Figure and Collect and Connect Figure. After you list your 10 most wanted characters, list the Collect and Connect you want the most.

3. It is absolutely critical that you post your votes in the following format:

Egg Fu
Maxie Zeus
Red Bee
Sargon the Sorcerer
Dan the Dyna-Mite
Snapper Carr

C&C: Chemo

4. NO numbers. They all have to be spaced one name per line, not sentence format. We feed this into a computer program and it’s very important for us counting these up that it’s in this format. The order you list the characters in is not important

5. Check your spelling. As we said, we are feeding this into a computer program, and it’s important all characters have their names spelled correctly. It also helps if we all go by the same names. For example, if someone put Robin down in their vote and then someone else put down Tim Drake down in another vote, it’d be counted as different characters. So please try to be consistent and use the same names.

6. As you know, many of Marvel and DC’s Characters are Legacy Characters so if you want to list a specific version of character in your vote, use this format:

Hourman [Rick Tyler]
Green Lantern [Guy Gardner]

We can’t normalize the versions of characters without a lot of extra work. When we tabulate the votes, versions are not factored in. However, we like it listed in your vote so we can get a sense of what versions of the characters people want. Please keep it as short as possible, because we deal with this manually and that saves us some time.

7. No "talking" in the the vote threads. These threads are for voting only. If you want to talk about the vote, post in the vote discussion threads. This thread is only for data collection, and should have nothing in here except votes.

8. No voting for the same character more than once in a list. This goes for variations of the same character. For example you can’t vote for Wolverine in 10 different costumes, as this would skew the vote.

9. Only one vote per person. We have multiple ways to identify duplicate votes, so don’t try to vote under a different name. If you see the breadcrumb spot on the topic, then you already voted in the thread. You can always check this if you’ve forgotten your vote.

You may edit your vote as many times as you want, until the voting has closed.

10. If you don’t follow the rules, then your vote won’t be counted.

Finally, see the specialized tabs below for specific details on each individual poll, including future line-ups and strongly rumored characters.
{tab=Marvel Legends}

The Lineups

As a reference, the following characters have been confirmed by Hasbro:

Target Exclusive Red Hulk Wave

Wolverine [Black]
Wolverine [Yellow]
Adam Warlock
Union Jack
Silver Savage
Black Suit Spider-man
Spiral [yellow variant]
BAF:Red Hulk

Wal-Mart Exclusive Ares Wave 

Ben Riley Spiderman 
Human Torch
Ultimate War Machine
Heroes Reborn Iron Man
BAF: Ares

Wal-Mart Exclusive Nemesis Series

Beast [Astonishing]
Black Bolt
Yellow Daredevil
Daredevil [regular]
Punisher [camo]
BAF: Nemesis

Marvel Legends 2-packs

Nick Fury & Hand Ninja
Dum Dum Dugan & Hand Ninja
Kree & Skrull
Iron-Man [Classic] & Maria Hill
Iron-Man Stealth & Sharon Carter
Invisible Woman & Human Torch

{tab=DC Universe Classics}

The Lineups

As a reference, the following characters have been confirmed by Mattel:

Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]
Robin [Tim Drake]
Sinestro (Classic with Sinestro Corps variant)
Deathstroke (with maskless variant)
C&C: Solomon Grundy

Wonder Woman (Artemis variant)
Captain Atom (with gold costume variant)
Batman Beyond
C&C: Despero

Atom [Ray Palmer]
Black Lightning
C&C: Metallo

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

DCUC 2-Packs
Batgirl [Barbara Gordon] and Azrael
Orion (unmasked) and Lightray

Cyborg Superman and Mongul
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Abin Sur

Starfire and Adam Strange

Superman (Black Recovery Suit) with Classic variant
Mr. Miracle (Dr. Impossible variant)
Killer Moth
C&C: Kalibak

Flash [Barry Allen]
Kid Flash [Wally West]
Blue Beetle
Booster Gold (modern variant)
Captain Cold
Big Barda (helmet-less variant)
Aquaman (ocean camouflage)
C&C: Atom Smasher

Also, at this point, the fan favorite poll being run by Wizard shows The Question starting to run away, so consider that as well.

Finally, there is evidence from the Wal-Mart computer system that the following characters are coming in Series 8 and beyond. Please take this list as rumor at this point:

Green Arrow (with variant)
Black Canary
Green Lantern [Jon Stewart] (with variant)

C&C: Colossal Boy


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