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CC20: X-Factor Marvel Legends

Here by popular demand! The X-Factor line up features young Layla
Miller, Syrin, Monet, Strong Guy, Rictor and Multiple Man.  Each will
be packaged individually under the X-Factor Marvel Legends logo, with
the exception being Multiple Man. Multiple Man will be packaged as
two-pack with his variant “dupe. To save on plastic, each figure
features some use of fabric, which enhances the realism. Unfortunately,
there will be no build a figure with this line. To be released
September 2008 in mass quantity and at every retail store imaginable…
in Imaginationland.

You know that feeling you get when you put a good comic book down and
smile? It’s that tingling sensation in the back of your brain, besides
the superglue,  that tells you these great characters deserve
immortalization in plastic. Basically that happened to me around
Christmas time. It started out as a long experimentation with fabric
and Multiple Man and quickly expanded into a total line up. I had the
Savage Dragon lying around and the proportions looked dead on, so I
went with it. Panda was my only kid sized figure, so I had a good start
there as well. As for head choice, there’s not a whole lot to pick from
so I went with the J. Scott Campbell Danger Girl head, which had some
child like qualities in it along with some of the eerie adultness of
Layla Miller. I chose the Strider head for Ric because, well, I had
nothing else. I wanted each figure to utilize a bit of fabric in the
design as to expand my experience with the medium. The most fabric is
on the first Multiple Man, his with the least fabric (none) on his
variant which I picked up for $1 at Salvation Army. Hope you all enjoy!


Layla: Bodybags Panda base, Danger Girl head. Sculpted shoe laces, hair, belt and shirt. Fabric for the skirt.

Multiple Man: Base, unknown. Movie punisher hands and X2 Cyclops head. All fabric and nothing sculpted, coat from Gambit.

Multiple Man Variant: Rapainted X2 Cyclops.

Longshot base, hand and head from LotR Strider. Leather for the sleeves
and the rest of the shirt and lower pants sculpted in Apoxy.

Strong Guy: Base was Savage Dragon, repainted. Fabric for the shirt, tubing for the goggles and apoxy for hair.

M: Emma Frost base, Jessica Alba head, hair from Psylocke. The cape
was made from leather and twisty ties, some minor sculpting on the hair
and sleeves, resculpted torso in apoxy. Painted black, drybrushed with

Syrin: LCBH Witchblade base, resculpted torso, sleeves and minor
sculpting on the head. Cape/coat from McFarlane Trinity figure.

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