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CC20: Transformers Rarities

Vidmouse Customs is dedicated to bringing you those Transformers that
you may have missed out on as a kid!  First up in this preview-look at
Wave 1 is the infamous Shockwave!  Although it seemed like everyone
knows Shockwave, late shipping and late commercial introduction (not to
mention bad knees) hurt sales for the original.  Now, Vidmouse Customs
helps to rectify that with this release of Shockwave for 2008 (due by




nickname:  Vidmouse
email:  [email protected]
name of line:  Transformers Rarities


Shockwave is an Energon Shockblast figure with arms removed and
replaced by  Armada Jetfire arms.  The pin on the right arm was a
perfect fit.  The cannon is a tip of a knockoff Gundam weapon, painted
to match.  The power cable is aquarium cable, glued to the shoulder.
 Special thanks to those customisers who inspired me on this one, I
just used different arms here.


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