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CC20: Rushed Skrull Invasion

Canman Customs presents the Rushed Skrull Invasion 5” action figure series.

For decades the shape-shifting alien race, the Skrulls,
have been trying to infiltrate the superhero teams of Earth. Now they
have infiltrated your figure collection! Find them before they take
over your display-cabinets.

Collect all fourteen figures
as quickly as they were made. Each figure has with their own action to
take down Earth’s mightiest heroes and most treacherous villains!


Skrable – with anti-mutant cannon.
Cable, Nathan Gray-Summers, replaced when he last jumped into the
time-stream. Skrable gathers together his old mutant team, X-Force.
With them in one place they are there for the slaughtering. But that
gun is way too small for it to be the real Cable.

Recipe – Cable base with Super-Skrull head, add rifle and cannon.


Super-Skrull “Spirit of Vengeance” – with power-punch and glowing skull.
Kl’rt, the original Super-Skrull makes his own deal with Mephisto to
keep his mantel as the most important of Skrull warriors. But what will
Kl’rt do when Mephisto comes to call on his bounty-hunter?

Recipe – Super-Skrull base with Ghost Rider head.


SandSkrull – with morphing arms.
With the powers of Sandman, SandSkrull can grow to un-imaginable sizes
to crush the other villains that might rise up against the Skrull

Recipe – Sandman base with Super-Skrull head.


MoleSkrull – with earth base and drill weapons.
The Skrulls target Mole Man to control his minions and over through the
world powers from below. But the Moloids’ senses are sharp, how long
can they be fooled by a false king?

Recipe – Doc Ock base with Super-Skrull head.


Mr Skrulltastic – with stretch arms and Invisable Girl force-fields.
Reed Richards has always been the bane of the Skrull race, so he must
be taken out. Mr Skrulltastic has a secret weapon, not only can he
stretch like the real Mr Fantastic but create the force-fields of his
wife Sue Storm.

Recipe – Mr Fantastic base with Super-Skrull head.


Skrull Torch – with flight launch pad.
To replace Reed Richards is only going to work if the others of the
Fantastic Four believe it; Jonny Storm had to be eliminated to!

Recipe – Human Torch base with Super-Skrull head.


Iron-Skrull – with interchangeable armors.
Tony Stark controls so much power yet he is only a baseline human. The
Skrull’s only had to put on a helmet to take all that power for

Recipe – Ironman base with Super-Skrull head, various Ironman armor parts.


Skrullonought – with power-upper-cut.
Cain Marko’s powers of the Juggernaut are lost when the Skrulls uncover
the Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak. Now Skrullonought is as unstoppable as his

Recipe – Juggernaut base with Super-Skrull head.


Skrullossus – with Hero harpoon blaster.
The X-Men are powerful, but their true strength is in their team work…
what happens when their most trustworthy member is replaced by a Skrull
with the powers of the Colossus?

Recipe – Colossus base with Super-Skrull head.


IceSkrull – with ice gauntlets. Iceman’s powers are perfect for the Skrulls to simulate… Imagine a Skrull warrior with Omega level powers!

Recipe – Iceman base with Super-Skrull head.


Skrullops – with ruby-quarts glasses.
To lead the X-Men is to lead so many more mutants. Cyclops is the
perfect target for the Skrulls. And if the Phoenix Force is awakened
will it to follow Skrullops?

Recipe – Cyclops base with Super-Skrull head.


NightSkruller – with Cannonball thrust power.
Nightcrawler with the added powers of Cannonball, the X-teams with not
know who to put their faith in. The Skrulls are truly a sinister race.

Recipe – Nightcrawler base with Super-Skrull head.


Pyro-Skrull, with flame powers.
The Australian mutant villain and romantic novelist passed away from
the dreaded Legacy Virus, only to re-emerge in the “House of M”. With
people coming back from the dead who can tell who is Skrull or not?

Recipe – Pyro base with Super-Skrull head.


Skrull-Zar – with hunting weapons.
With the Skrulls taking over the world, refugees make the treacherous
journey to the mysterious Savage Land. But unbeknownst to the fleeing
humans, their would-be savior is not going to be so hospitable.

Recipe – Kay-Zar base with Super-Skrull head.


Caen Newland AKA Caenman

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