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CC20: Greatest Marvels Never Seen

In an unprecedented collaboration, Hasbro (makers of such fine products like Marvel Legends and Transformers) have enlisted the aid of secret military laboratory EssArr 71 Industries (inventors of things we can’t talk about under penalty of death) to bring you the newest and most innovative toys ever to hit the market. These new action figures employ an up-until-now unknown technology referred to as Stealth Tech which renders objects employing it to either become invisible or intangible. Created by Dr. Killian O. Arr and Dr. Ronald U. Ess, who based the tech on theories involving gullibilogical phenomena and light infarction, the two scientists were overjoyed to work on things that make children happy. Much different than their usual work.

First in the assortment is Invisible Woman. Eagle eyed collectors will notice she looks like the Sue Richards previously offered, but with a flick of a switch on her back she becomes invisible. Mouse over the image for a demonstration of this amazing ability!

Warning: Do not leave Invisible Woman in invisible mode for extended periods of time. Do not leave in the dark. Do not play with Invisible Woman in the bathtub.

Next in the assortment we have a villain, a thorn in Iron Man’s side, the Ghost!

Warning: Do not leave Ghost in open spaces. Do not place in direct sunlight. Do not place in mouth. 
That pic holds an extra bonus also, the BAF for the wave. The astonishing Ant-Man! The Pym version is a fan favorite, so he will be the regular release while variants will be Scott Lang and Eric O’Grady, both in their indivdual costumes! Completely in scale with 6 inch Marvel Legends, a first in the toy industry.
Warning: Do not allow pets to play with BAF Ant-Man. Do not display BAF Ant-Man in rooms with carpeting. Do not place around salt or pepper shakers.
The next figure puts a twist on EssArr’s Stealth Tech, using it as a cloak instead of it’s intended purpose. Ultimate Nightcrawler! This is not trick photography or light manipulation. The figure emits a cloud of dark smoke and then holds it close within a light aura of force. See for yourself…
Warning: Do not try to inhale Ultimate Nightcrawler’s smoke. Do not sit on figure. Do not pass go.
Marvel’s current Secret Invasion crossover is a hit, and who better to include in this assortment than Nick Fury? Employing a stealth suit to get intel from enemies, Stealth Suit Fury was a shoe-in.
Warning: Stealth Suit Nick Fury does not actually spy on enemies. Do not attempt to place in neighbor’s bedroom. Do not put figure near heat source. 
Finally, we have Kitty Pryde, heart of the X-men. A perfect use of EssArr 71 Stealth Tech. Kitty includes a rooftop base and plenty of sass.
Warning: Do not try to pass Kitty Pryde through your own body or the bodies of others. Do not leave inside base for long periods of time. Do not collect $200.
And there you have it, the Greatest Marvel’s never seen. Future assortments will include Wasp, Hyper Velocity Quicksilver, Vision, in-scale Psycho Man, and one of the Red Ghost’s apes. Along with a few surprises.