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MFKAJ- " I’m a crack shot. Coke cans beware!"

MutantFormerly KnownAsJoe


Where do you live?

Providence, Rhode Island

What’s it like living in RI?

Besides boring? It smells. Quite literally. Between sewage treatment plants, landfills, etc…it reeks. I’d kill to live anywhere else. And as soon as I can afford it, you can bet I will!

Does everyone make fun of RI?
Pretty much. Even Rhode Islanders make fun of RI. It’s…well, it’s just an easy target as a state, and so are most RIlanders as people. Between the accent and poor grammar…it’s just too easy.

Where do you work?

I hold three jobs, currently (At least until I get my footing!) I’m a part time barista at Starbucks…because 20 hours a week earns me health and dental benefits. Otherwise I loathe the job. I’m also an artist, performing freelance projects, and working more or less full-time for Monster Mini Golf. It’s a nation-wide Glow in the Dark, blacklit Monster themed mini golf franchise. Along with 3 other artists, I design the artwork found on the walls and the large golf-through props found on the courses!

Are you a good golfer?

Noooooooo, absolutely not. I suck, even. The ball’s too tiny, methinks. Gimme a kickball and we’ve got a game!

What is it like at the glowinthedark mini golf course?

Monster Mini Golf is a rapidly expanding GITD Indoor mini golf franchise. They started out as a very small operation in an old mill building in Danielson, CT and have since begun to pop up across the US. I design murals and props for them, and it’s an incredibly fun, but demanding, job. We’re often working with strict deadlines and make a lot of last-minute changes and alterations. More info about MMG can be found here :

How many hours do you sleep per day?

Probably not enough, if I had to guess. I’d say anywhere between 2 -7 hours a night, depending on how my work schedule is treating me.

Who is in your family?

I’m one of two children. I currently live with my Mother, Father, younger (by a whopping 15 months) sister, and my dog, Ash.

Is your younger sister a collector ?

No, no no no no. Only thing she collects is dust, far as I can see!

Any pets?
Yup! A Cairn terrier named ‘Ash’ after Bruce Campbell’s character in the Evil Dead films.

What are your future plans?

I’m looking for a career now…Ideally something dealing in graphic illustration. But I do a little bit of everything to my future is as open as I allow it to be. Non-career-wise? I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 2 years and I’d love to keep that going. I’m currently saving my money for a project car to do the show circuit. ’69 VW Bus 

What kind of art school have you done?

5 years slaving in two studios: Graphic Design and Sculpture at Rhode Island College. I graduated last year with my Bachelor’s Degree.

Do you customize?
Here and there. My current favorite line to mess with is Super Hero Squad…people love the little guys, and I have a bit of a knack for imitating the style and scale of the line. I think I’ll continue for a while!

How do you customize superhero squad?

Well, customizing Super Hero Squad figures isn’t unlike customizing any other figure…except you’re working on a very small scale, and within very specific design constraints. All of the SHS figs have a similar look to them, so the goal is to try to emulate that as closely as possible. In that sense it’s not like, say, customizing Legends, where every figure has its own look…some are more cartoony, some more realistic. It all depends on the artist whose work the figure is specifically based on. With SHS the line has a cohesive look to it…they’re all kiddie-stylized in the same ways. It’s challenging, and fun. and it can be a quick thing or lengthy endeavor, depending on the character/figure. My main tools are Sculpey, acrylics, a steady hand and a butt-load of patience. It’s served me well thus far

Do you cook?

Pfft…if you count opening and heating up a can of Spaghetti-O’s cooking, then I’m Emeril LaGasse!

What is in your collection?

I’ve recently weeded out a ton of Marvel Legends and sold them off, but I’ve kept my core Avengers, Spidey and rogues, my core X-men and Fantastic Four. I sold off all my MOC variants to put towards my bus fund. Outside of Marvel Legends, I have one of each character released in the Super Hero Squad line, the complete NECA Nightmare Before Christmas line-up, the core Mezco Family Guy cast, One of each character released in Playmate’s World of Springfield Simpson’s line (around 200 figures), a Master Replicas Jack Skellington movie-cast poseable stop motion puppet (LE), NECA’s TMNT, some life-sized JUN Planning Japanese Import Gremlins…yea…a shorter list would be what DON’T I collect :p

What is the best movie of 2008?

Iron Man was downright fantastic…Hulk was pretty darn good too. I want to enjoy the Dark Knight, but I guess time will tell how that pans out!

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?
I haven’t been on a vacation in waaaaaaaaaaay too long. But I enjoy the white mountain region in New Hampshire. Peaceful, serene…and it smells GREAT. Unlike the dump of a city I call home.

Do you own a gun?
Do Pellet Guns count? if so, yes. 2. A pistol and a rifle, both of which I’m a crack shot with. Coke cans beware!

Can you dance?
 No. No I can’t.

What other sites do you visit? (an excellent VW resource),,,,youtube, (because she’s smoking hot).

What do you spend your money on?

These days, not much. I take my girlfriend out when our schedules line up, I hit the movies to catch the big ones, and I still buy SHS figures. But most of my money is going towards the bus these days.

What type of fuel should your future VW mini bus run on?

Ideally? I’d love if it were something organic/alternative. It’s possible, but I’m not sure it’d cost out for me. I don’t exactly have money growing on trees in my yard, and as of right now alternative methods of fuel are pricey at best. So maybe I’ll start out leaving it original and tweak it later on down the line as things cost out in favor if the consumer

What does your girl friend think of your collecting?
She’s very tolerant, and even nurtures it to a degree. That said, my collecting habits are at an all time low since I quit Marvel Legends. Now I just collect the few things I like here and here. But back to my gf, she even does some figure collecting herself…although she’s mostly into records and posters.


What is wrong with you?

Well, that’s all relative, isn’t it? I mean…what one might consider wrong with me may be something myself or others consider quite normal. And vice versa. Oh who am I kidding. What’s NOT wrong with me.

What is wrong with you? golf

I think too much…and it keeps me up at night sometimes. I have mild OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder) and it’s got its ups and downs in regards to my artwork. It allows me to be super thorough because I get fixated on details and don’t rest until they’re perfect. It’s a bad thing because I get super fixated on details and don’t rest until they’re perfect.





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